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Be recognized at first glance.

In this increasingly connected digital world, building and adhering to a corporate brand becomes more and more essential. There are an ever-increasing number of channels for your brand to be found and thus there becomes an ever-increasing need to be recognized at first glance.

We take a holistic approach to who you are and who your ideal clients are. In our brand development phase we go into defining your unique identity and create all the assets which represent you as a company on your communication channels.



Be seen in your best light.

With all the tons of people talking out there, how will you truly be represented? How can you take your message to your market and be seen in your best light and stand out from the crowd?

We research and discover your key differentiators, and utilize writers and creative directors to bring your content up to an expert level to outshine the competition.



Websites should be converting visitors into customers.

Let your website do all the heavy lifting for your sale team. Websites should be your main conversion tool not just something that looks good. Designing a website is in essence creating a user journey which results in a reach or purchase of your product or services.

We take a holistic approach to who you are and what you have to offer to your clients. Using these insights we bring all your quality attributes in perspective for all your visitors. The process enlightens all your visitors to connect them with your service or product.



Your website needs visitors.

In this increasingly connected digital world, it is sometimes hard to stand out from all the noise. It is needed more than ever for you to get your word out there to your ideal clients. We at DG Studio use a workable technology which bypasses all the noise.

We discover the true unique qualities of your products and services and bring those to light. We find those people who truly need and will want your product or service. This perfect match scenario is what we pride ourselves on.


We have a deep appreciation for all our clients and what they do.  It is always great to hear their appreciation for us too!


They are absolutely amazing. The team only strives to make you happy and works with you and what you want on your website, logo, and branding. I couldn’t have gotten any luckier with finding DG Studio. I know I will be going to them for any of my marketing, branding, website and everything they else do connect with my website with them! They go the extra mile to make you happy no matter what! I recommend them to everyone who wants to do the job right the first time around!

Natalie Preston, www.clariteas.com.


I will go ahead and tell you that I am not an easy man to please. I usually have strict deadlines and have outrageous demands to keep up with.
DG Studio’s ENTIRE team was nothing short of incredible. Every single team member knew their role, had the answer or put me in contact with someone who knew the answer. DG Studio really took the time to tend to my needs in order to make this partnership work. I stand by their work 100% and recommend any company looking for a starting point to start with this team.

Austin Collins, Certainly Better Daze.


The extremely friendly and helpful team of people. Over the past month, they have been helping my company develop our new website, and their service is over the top.
They have been extremely responsive and helpful with any question, providing intelligent advice and insight on how to position and market our product.
Their customer service is great and I would highly recommend them.

Travis D'Arezzo, Wiseman & Burke, Inc..


Keep up the good work.
My compliments to DG Studios. I was seated at my desk this morning and happened to glance at the souvenir for the Rangabhisheka 2017 cultural show. I have been involved in designing and arranging many souvenirs for the SLAASC and other organizations.

Jayam Rutnam, Good News From Jayam.


I have been involved with the Sri Lanka Foundation for many years, since the DG Studio took over designing the marketing materials and other publications it shows high quality. The SLF Website has achieved the highest recognition in our community. The staff are very courteous, professional and accommodating.

Keshini Wijegoonerathna, Sri Lanka Foundation.


Great team and good results! If you’re looking to start a new website from scratch or upgrade your already existing website they’re professional and knowledgeable about their work.

Vicky Castellanos, LAMC Cosmetic Surgery Center.


It’s always been a pleasurable experience. Very knowledgable, very experienced, very fast turn around times and open lines of communication. The DG team has always been accessible to me.

William Lowery, The Lake on Wilshire.


They were very knowledgeable about their work!
We have gained imperative insight from their guidance.
We came to them with a general concept, and they knew exactly what to do to guide us to discover what it was about, to develop a strategy based on certain facts we provided to increase our success through development, implementation, and continuous market analysis.
They also followed up to ensure we were keeping on point to achieve the results we ultimately wanted to achieve.
They are exceptional!

David Smith, Team Smith Real Estate.


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We ♡ the deets

Our proven process of creating works of art, simply, allows us to make your dreams a reality.



We meet with our clients regularly during this phase to ensure that we understand the dream.  This exchange of ideas bring to light the strategy.

Our aim is to ensure that DG Studio secures results for you and that your goals are achieved and that your dreams for your company’s future truly become a reality.



With all the ideas thrown around in the brainstorming sessions, we finally get down to the guiding roadmap.  This is where our team truly shines.

This is where DG Studio presents our solution to your original pain points and much more in our creative concept pitch.



During design and development, we have many approval processes that must be completed before the next steps are started.  This ensures our teams stay on the same page and produce the best products possible.

This is where we take the guiding roadmap and bring it to life in a very systematic way with all engines running at full speed!



With all the possibilities created our clients are in good hands as, at the end of the day, we deliver more than our clients expect.

On top of that we move our clients to our DG Care program where we host and support their products ensuring a smooth launch.


Our tightly integrated team and cultural diversity are an asset to our work. We take a holistic approach to the creation of brands, graphic design, web development, app development, web hosting, and marketing. Expert in creative branding and marketing, DG Studio helps you take your website to the next level, explore with us all the possibilities that connect you to the world online and offline.


We strive to find the best people utilizing a global talent base to bring amazing experiences to our clients.

As a global creative agency we represent 3 countries around the world all digitally-integrated.


Digital design
Brand Marketing
Internet Marketing
Brand Design
Web Development
Copy Writing


The digital landscape evolves quickly.
We make it a point to stay on top of it all.

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