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Jayam Rutnam

“I was seated at my desk this morning and happened to glance at the souvenir for the Rangabhisheka 2017 cultural show. I have been involved in designing and arranging many souvenirs for the SLAASC and other organizations. I have also seen the hard work of many of our Sri Lankan organizations and Colleges who put… Read more “Jayam Rutnam”

Sri Lanka Foundation

“I have been involved with the Sri Lanka Foundation for many years, since the DG Studio took over designing the marketing materials and other publications it shows high quality. The SLF Website has achieved the highest recognition in our community. The staff are very courteous, professional and accommodating”.

Keshini Wijegoonerathna - Director of Public Relations & Programming

Arrow Montessori

“Working with angelica has been awesome!”.

LAMC Cosmsetic Surgery Center

“Great team and good results! If you’re looking to start a new website from scratch or upgrade your already existing website they’re professional and knowledgeable about their work”.

Vicky Castellanos - LVN, Esthetician & Office Manager

Aeshea Jayasinghe

“We really like the website and we think that it is a beautiful website. They’re constantly improving the website often to make it look more inviting”.

DG female Icon
Aeshea Jayasinghe

William Lowery

“It’s always been a pleasurable experience. Very knowledgable, very experienced, very fast turn around times and open lines of communication. The DG team has always been accessible to me”.

William Lowery

Team Smith Real Estate

” They were very knowledgeable about their work! We have gained imperative insight from their guidance.We came to them with a general concept, and they knew exactly what to do to guide us to discover what it was about, to develop a strategy based on certain facts we provided to increase our success through development, implementation,… Read more “Team Smith Real Estate”

Wiseman & Burke, Inc

The extremely friendly and helpful team of people. Over the past month, they have been helping my company develop our new website, and their service is over the top. They have been extremely responsive and helpful with any question, providing intelligent advice and insight on how to position and market our product. Their customer service… Read more “Wiseman & Burke, Inc”

Travis D'Arezzo - Admin Exec Sec

Certainly Better Daze

I will go ahead and tell you that I am not an easy man to please. I usually have strict deadlines and have outrageous demands to keep up with. DG Studio’s ENTIRE team was nothing short of incredible. Every single team member knew their role, had the answer or put me in contact with someone… Read more “Certainly Better Daze”

Austin Collins - CO Founder


They are absolutely amazing. The team only strives to make you happy and works with you and what you want on your website, logo, and branding. I couldn’t have gotten any luckier with finding DG Studio. I know I will be going to them for any of my marketing, branding, website and everything they else… Read more “Clariteas”

Natalie Preston - Co Founder

Learn to Swim Program

I first used another website developer out of Boston four years ago, and while the site looked OK it wasn’t converting.  Then I ran into marketers at a booth while attending a conference in San Diego, and they really impressed me with their follow up.  They weren’t too pushy and I sensed their commitment and… Read more “Learn to Swim Program”

Dr. Pete Andersen
Make Your Mark
Make Your Mark

Design & Branding

Make Your Mark

Be recognized at a glance. Our goal is for you to not only be identified for what you offer. We want your audience to know who you are.

  • Logo and Identity
  • Print Design
  • Creative Direction
  • UI/UX Design
Create an Online Presence
Create an Online Presence


Create an Online Presence

Efficient and easy ways to maximize your online presence customized to your liking. Develop your website that reflects who you are.

  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce
Reach Your Ideal Clients
Reach Your Ideal Clients


Reach Your Ideal Clients

Knowing your numbers enables you to find out what works and what doesn’t work. We design strategic marketing plans catered to you.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization