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We are a team of creative and multi-talented professionals consisting of branding experts, UX/UI designers, web developers, graphic designers, and app programmers. Formed in 2008 with headquarters in Los Angeles, California, we also have offices in Mexico City, Mexico, and Gurugram, India.

We provide a wide range of services, such as branding, graphic design, web development, app development, web hosting, internet marketing and more. Our goal is to create a perfect image that truly represents who you are to the world, online and offline.

We do our part to make internet marketing simpler, honest, transparent, and results-oriented.

Explore with us all the possibilities that connect you to the world online and offline.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency

Dishan Jay, M.D.

1930 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1002
Los Angeles, CA 90057


Our Founder
Dishan Jay, M.D.


I decided to create a company that could fulfill all that I wanted for individuals and their businesses by giving them their dream websites with professional, technically-advanced, dependable and artistic services.

I wanted to change the landscape of the internet into something beautiful, simplistic and efficient.

Whatever dreams individuals and companies have; whatever and whoever they want to be; however they want to be expressed, DG Studio will create it with technologies that account for and accommodate those dreams.

I believe that we create our best work when we work together with our clients. Creativity knows no bounds, just like all great partnerships. We take great pride in being integrated directly alongside all our clients. I see our relationship similar to a partnership, and much more than just a service for hire. We like to be a part of our clients’ team, experience the culture of our clients’ companies, and understand their real needs and guide them in a direction they would never think could be possible!

Zuigly Gudiel

Zuigly Gudiel

Creative Director/COO

Harrison Luoma

Harrison Luoma

Operations Manager

Angelica Alcazar

Angelica Alcazar

Senior Account Manager


We offer business solutions made for small to mid-sized teams and for enterprise companies, who are looking to transform themselves digitally.