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    What are Email Signatures and How Do I Get One?

    According to SaleCycle, email marketing swayed 59% of respondents’ purchases. Out of this pool, 50% of them bought directly from email campaigns once a month. 

    The reality is that you can potentially lose your reach and engagement on social media. In the age of social media and information overload, emails are more crucial than ever. They continue to pave the path for your future and are certainly not a relic of the past. 

    Acquiring professional email signatures can help you control the flow of information about yourself that you want to share in a simple yet professional way. They can also make your emails stand out among the clutter and say a lot about you, all while building trust. 

    Learn more on how to create professional signatures that help convert your clients with us.

    What Professional Email Signatures Do 

    Your professional email signatures are like your business cards. It’s an extension of your business brand and a way to make a lasting impression. But with so many options and possibilities, it can be tough to create a signature that looks professional (not like you just hit the “random” button).

    If you use your professional email signatures and email campaigns correctly, you can:

    1. Nurture prospects
    2. Target
    3. Segment
    4. Increase ROI

    Emails are a gateway to all your other platforms, driving your community there through your call-to-action. Professional email signatures, according to Soocial, boost brand recognition. They are also responsible for 48% of website traffic.

    Professional Signatures That Will Make an Impression

    Your signature should be professional yet still reflect your personality or your brand. When creating your sign off, it’s important to remember that this is the last thing that recipients will see. You want to ensure that your signature is short, looks clean, and is polished.

    One way to do this is by choosing a simple font and avoiding unnecessary flourishes. By making sure the signature matches your branding and adding:

    • Relevant colors
    • Simple fonts
    • Your website’s links
    • Your social media profiles’ links

    It’s possible to easily create a signature that will reflect well on you and your business branding.

    Simple fonts that are easy to read and pleasing to the eye help your sign-off. Sans serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica are generally best for emails. Ensure your signature isn’t too long – one or two lines are usually sufficient.  

    How to Create Your Signature

    Free email generators are one way to create email signatures. They can help you establish the foundation when you start designing your sign-off, and you can add anything relevant to your business brand. Keep in mind that the information should be concise.

    Essential elements you need to include are:

    • Relevant contact details 
    • Name and Surname
    • personal or brand images
    • Website and social links

    Many free signature generators are available that are easy to use; here, we’ll describe two. HoneyBook provides a free professional email signature tool. It has specific templates available that you can choose from but doesn’t necessarily allow for much creativity. 

    Hubspot is a well-known brand that also provides a free signature generator. The tool has limited templates but allows more flexibility with your business branding. Your sign-off can be more creative in color and your call to action.

    Online Marketing Tactics

    Professional email signatures can be an online marketing tactic. You imprint your brand design, business, and professional presence in your future clients’ minds. Likewise, you are strategically leading them to where you want them to go by providing them with the relevant links to follow.We can help you with creating professional email signatures and much much more. If you’re interested in creating an on-brand identity or strategy, contact DG Studio today.

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