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    Is a Custom Business Card Worth It?

    Across industries, people have been wondering are business cards still relevant? Business owners wonder if we have evolved past paper business cards as tools for networking in the digital age. What many of these skeptic business people fail to acknowledge is that business cards have evolved just like the industry itself.

    In the digital age, you need to leverage electronic business cards. Keep reading to learn more about how a digital custom business card can help you grow your brand.

    Business Cards Role in Branding

    Business cards are an essential branding tool for any business. Business cards are an accessible way to share your contact information and showcase your company’s brand. These cards are also used as vessels to share contact information with others and refine people’s views of your company’s overall image.

    What Is a Digital Business Card?

    A digital business card or virtual business card is an efficient way to exchange and save the contact information. Business cards are unique to you, contain your information, and may be as specific or broad as you like.

    To share your virtual business card, you can embed the card to your website or provide a unique URL or QR code. Users can access this information by scanning or clicking on this link. Even without a digital business card app, you can share your details with others.

    Benefits of Digital Business Cards

    Virtual business cards are one of the best tools to elevate your brand and expand your network. The digital era allows you to grow your networking capabilities with ease. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing digital business cards for your business.


    If you have your computer or mobile device available, you have access to your digital business cards. These cards are fully electronic, making them easily customizable and easy to update. If you need to change a phone number or amend your title for a promotion, you can do so with a few simple keystrokes.


    Maintaining a stockpile of traditional paper business cards can be costly. After the input design cost of making a virtual business card, you don’t have to deal with the lingering maintenance fees of keeping business cards on hand.

    Digital business cards are a cost-effective solution to improve your brand’s visibility and network. You can make digital business card templates to showcase your brand. Some digital business card programs let you improve your design by adding customized URLs, QR Codes, and logos.

    Simple Follow-Ups

    Most paper business cards end up lost in a junk drawer or thrown away. Even with a business card scanner, valuable contact information often gets lost in the shuffle. Digital business cards allow you to transfer information directly into the recipient’s inbox or customer relations management software.

    Virtual business cards make it easy to keep track of contact information and keep track of follow-ups. When working with virtual business cards, you can store all the information in a Google Sheet or CRM.

    Stand Out

    With digital business cards, you are promoting yourself and your brand when you distribute a digital business card. You are demonstrating to the audience that you are knowledgeable about the most recent technical developments and that you are concerned about making their life a little bit easier.

    Go Digital for Your Custom Business Card

    The success of a new business is founded upon your ability to build a brand. The first step in growing your brand is to create your customized business card. Contact us to start designing your custom business card today.

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