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You don’t have your IT manager or site manager? That’s where DG Care comes in. We offer you trained personnel that can take care of the technical aspects of web hosting, maintaining, and even securing your site, so you don’t have to worry about it and stay protected. This website support service can also include keeping your site plugins up-to-date or fixing other technical problems that might arise with your site.

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When running a site, the most important aspect is that the data is always available to your audience. A site without a valid SSL security certificate or it being temporary not available can cost you majorly in lost repute and sales. That’s why we developed DG Care so you can rest assured knowing your site will be backed up, online, and remain secure.

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Tailored to you and can include:
Site Back Up  (every 24 hours)

Site Back Up (every 24 hours)

SSL Certificate Management

SSL Certificate Management

Domain Name  Upkeep Management

Domain Name Upkeep Management

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Website Loading Speed Reduction

Website Loading Speed Reduction

Malware Removal

Malware Removal

Plug-In Update  & Integration

Plug-In Update & Integration

Third Party System Integrations

Third Party System Integrations


"I was seated at my desk this morning and happened to glance at the souvenir for the Rangabhisheka 2017 cultural show. I have been involved in designing and arranging many souvenirs for the SLAASC and other organizations. I have also seen the hard work of many of our Sri Lankan organizations and Colleges who put out souvenirs for their functions. I do realize that it takes a lot of time and effort to put these souvenirs together. I feel I must CONGRATULATE the Sri Lanka Foundation and your graphic department DG Studio for their production of this Souvenir. I feel it is the best, by any standards, that I have ever seen. It is a MASTERPIECE! Obviously they went through a lot in making it perfect. Every ad has meaning and stands out. You have set a standard for other organizations, who will find it extremely difficult to meet with. Thanks also to those involved in putting together the ad for “Good News From Jayam”. It was excellent and I have received a good response from the ad. Keep up the good work. My compliments to DG Studio."

Jayam Rutnam Creator of Good News by Jayam

"I first used another website developer out of Boston four years ago, and while the site looked OK it wasn't converting. Then I ran into marketers at a booth while attending a conference in San Diego, and they really impressed me with their follow up. They weren't too pushy and I sensed their commitment and confidence in helping me upgrade my website. It was a complex journey and they covered every detail I wanted to see changed. The site is beautiful, and lets viewers easily see what I am about as an expert in my field - ready, willing, and able to help those in need of my quality information on how teach themselves or their kids to swim starting at home without a pool. They are a great team; detail oriented, and great listeners so they can suggest ways to accomplish what I wanted efficiently. Sort of like how I teach swimming to help save more lives. Their marketing team suggested ways using my extensive video content to improve my social media presence I never thought of doing so I can get higher on the Internet search pages and be found. Fantastic! I highly recommend this very affordable team to improve your ROI."

Pete Anderson Founder
Learn How To Swim Program

"I have been involved with the Sri Lanka Foundation for many years, since DG Studio took over designing the marketing materials and other publications it shows high quality. The SLF Website has achieved the highest recognition in our community. The staff are very courteous, professional and accommodating."

Keshini Wijegoonerathna Director of Public Relations & Programming
Sri Lanka Foundation International

"To DG Studio’s Team, on behalf of the Artomatic Board, we want to greatly thank you for your hard work and effort to make last nights Artomatic Planning Event with the development of what we have present for the website and the movie introducing the website was amazing. Thank you for re-branding and bringing the Artomatic Website into present day. We greatly thank your innovation and your team to making it happen. The artists and volunteers who came out last night were excited with the new look and feel from your movie demo of the website. A pleasure as a Software Development Professional to work with you on this project."

Christopher Hoppe Board Director (IT/Web Committee)

"It’s always been a pleasurable experience. Very knowledgeable, very experienced, very fast turn around times and open lines of communication. The DG team has always been accessible to me."

William Lowery The Lake on Wilshire

"Great team and good results! If you're looking to start a new website from scratch or upgrade your already existing website they’re professional and knowledgeable about their work."

Vicky Castellanos LVN, Esthetician & Office Manager
LAMC Cosmetic Surgery Center

"I will go ahead and tell you that I am not an easy man to please. I usually have strict deadlines and have outrageous demands to keep up with. DG Studio’s ENTIRE team was nothing short of incredible. Every single team member knew their role, had the answer or put me in contact with someone who knew the answer. DG Studio really took the time to tend to my needs in order to make this partnership work. I stand by their work 100% and recommend any company looking for a starting point to start with this team."

Austin Collins Co-Founder
5Strands Affordable Testing

"The team I worked with exercised patience and were extremely professional. They listened to what I wanted to accomplish and accomplished it with great ease."

Lorenzo Henry Kingdom Application Ministries

"They are absolutely amazing. The team only strives to make you happy and works with you and what you want on your website, logo, and branding. I couldn't have gotten any luckier with finding DG Studio. I know I will be going to them for any of my marketing, branding, website and everything they else do connected with my website with them! They go the extra mile to make you happy no matter what! I recommend them to everyone who wants to do the job right the first time around!"

Natalie Preston Founder

"Over the past month, they have been helping my company develop our new website, and their service is over the top. They have been extremely responsive and helpful with any question, providing intelligent advice and insight on how to position and market our product. Their customer service is great and I would highly recommend them."

Travis D’Arezzo Admin Executive Secretary
Wiseman & Burke

"I ended up with a great website. The process was a bit rocky in the beginning and then they made a staffing change that made all the difference. Instead of forcing my business into their picture of what it should be, the new team listened to my goals and made the site work to attract those clients. It made all the difference."

Laura Little New Paradigm Shift

"DG Studio did a perfect job creating my website. They incorporated my ideas as well as helped educate me to what would make my website most attractive as well as functional. They were very flexible and patient, knowledgeable, resourceful and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend them as I couldn't be more pleased with their services and results."

Barbara Stein Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner

"Everyone was friendly. I gave DG studio a deadline for my project and they finished before the deadline. My wireframe and powerpoint turned out really nice. I will use DG studio for future projects."

Ms. Orana Brooks

"We really like the website and we think that it is a beautiful website. They're constantly improving the website often to make it look more inviting."

Aeshea Jayasinghe Executive Director
Arrow Montessori

"Working with Angelica has been awesome!"

Carol Arrow Montessori

"My company and I met them in Cali! An have worked with them since! Always have been on top of everything. And the best thing about them is their culture. An the way on each task they have with their clients they deliver in such a great way! Even dive into the clients companies culture and become one with the team! Wouldn't change this team or trade them in for the world!"

Dillan Mart Co-Founder
Sworn Creed

"We have four restaurants and don't have a lot of time to invest in developing our marketing and website. We needed to revamp these areas and DG Studio did a great job of taking charge for us. They are very methodical and communicative so we were able to get exactly what we wanted. Now that we're set up on their platform our search rankings and website traffic have gone up every week so far and we're extremely happy."

Ty Bradford Thai Ginger Restaurants

"They were very knowledgeable about their work! We have gained imperative insight from their guidance. We came to them with a general concept, and they knew exactly what to do to guide us to discover what it was about, to develop a strategy based on certain facts we provided to increase our success through development, implementation, and continuous market analysis. They also followed up to ensure we were keeping on point to achieve the results we ultimately wanted to achieve. They are exceptional!"

David Smith Team Smith Real Estate

We offer business solutions made for small to mid-sized teams and for enterprise companies, who are looking to transform themselves digitally.