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    What Is Brand Identity and Why Your Business Needs It?

    People will make their first decision about your product within 7 seconds.

    Making a good first impression is incredibly important, but that impression also needs to be maintained.

    Your brand identity is what helps you show people what your brand is all about, and if it’s not up to par it could lead to the complete failure of your business.

    To find out what your brand identity is and why it’s important, keep reading.

    What Is Brand Identity?

    Brand Identity is what a brand looks like to its customers. The combination of different branding techniques and activities come together to make your brand your brand.

    The brand name, voice, personality, viewpoints, and value all make up the overall identity.

    This is often confused with the brand image, but these are quite different. Your brand identity is about how your company wants to present itself to customers and be perceived.

    Brand image is what your brand is from the customers’ perspective. This generally stems from the brand identity but is more the result of the interactions customers have with your company.

    You have control over your brand identity, but not your brand image.

    The Importance of Branding and Identity

    One of the main purposes of your brand identity is to separate your brand from the competition.

    It is not uncommon for a number of brands to provide very similar products or services, so if you want yours to stand out you need to have an effective brand identity. Creating a brand identity will also help you form a loyal customer base.

    When developing an identity consistency is key. Branding that doesn’t follow a theme will leave things unstructured, and look sloppy to customers.

    Your brand identity is a tool to express the personality of the brand and what makes it better than the competition. You need to make use of this in order to succeed.

    Elements of Brand Identity

    This can be split into two groups. Visual elements that customers see on the surface, and non-vidual elements that define what your brand is about.

    Visual elements consist of:

    • Brand name – the first thing customers see, so you want this to stand out
    • Logo – at the forefront with the name, this can either be text or image and should encapsulate the brand identity
    • Tagline – a short, memorable line to communicate the brand message to customers
    • Typography – Art and font styles that should be unique to your brand
    • Color palette – a set of colors that appears across all of your branding
    • Imagery – images, and visuals you can use to further communicate your brand identity

    Non-visual elements include:

    • Brand personality – a way to personify your brand using human characteristics and traits, expanding on the visual identity
    • Brand associations – elements that your brand, and your customers, feel affiliated with such as celebrities or partner brands
    • Voice – the values and attitude of your brand which is communicated to your target audience.

    Getting Help With Your Brand Identity

    An appealing brand identity is crucial for the success of your business.

    If you want to know more about how to create a brand identity then DG Studio is the answer. Get in touch with us by clicking here, we are always happy to answer any questions.

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