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    DG Studio is excited to share with the world the knowledge it has gained over the years of professional work in the digital marketing space. We offer this information free of charge to all those wanting to make an impact online with their brand. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.


    Simple Search Engine Optimization Tips

    Did you know that Google processes 3.5 billion searches per day? People search for anything from “what’s the best marketing agency” to “how long does it take SEO to work” to “what’s a good conversion rate” and are looking for the right article, product or service related to their search.

    Search Engine Optimization is very important to online businesses because it helps get your business to the top of people’s searches. Keep reading and we will guide you through some simple SEO tips.


    Our first SEO tips are based on content. There are many ways you can improve your search engine optimization by tweaking or updating the content on your website.

    Before you start, you should perform an SEO audit to see where you need to focus your energy in order to improve. You can either do this yourself or work with an agency like DG Studio to get that audit done.

    Primary and Secondary Keywords

    You want to create content around primary and secondary keywords. You want to be strategic because using the right keywords will help google understand what your content is about and thus lead searchers to your website.

    Your primary keyword should be the main focus of your content that relates to your product or service and it should make sense with what your audience would search to find it. Your secondary keywords should be similar and support these primary keywords.

    The most important element behind selecting your keywords is research. You’ve got to see what exact words people are searching relative to your services. There are many tools you can use to find this out, such as SEMRush, Moz, Ahrefs and more. 

    Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

    The format of your content matters, you want to make it search-engine friendly with keywords and easy-to-understand page titles and page descriptions aka meta descriptions.

    Your SEO guide, DG Studio, can help you set SEO titles and meta descriptions up on your website. We’ll set up a simple way to keep these updated as well.

    Original and Evergreen Content

    You need to write and publish original and evergreen content. The more you stand out from your competitors, the better you should do in search engine rankings.

    Google knows how to pick out unique content and you will be rewarded for doing so by moving up higher in the results.

    Evergreen content is timeless content aimed to last for years, continuously bringing people to your website. You will want to avoid content tied to a specific date, fashion trends, data changes, and seasonal content for this type of content.

    Compared to social media, SEO drives 300% more traffic to content websites and you want to make sure you are promoting unique, timeless content.


    One of the other tips we have for you related to search engine optimization is related to your page addresses or URLs. You should use short, descriptive URLs that include one or more of the keywords you’re targeting that are easy to understand and concise.

    Thinking about URLs when creating your website is important. You’ll want to envision the hierarchy of pages and make sure your keywords are correctly used throughout them.

    Get Started with these Tips

    Now that you’re aware of these tips, you can put them into practice and start improving your website.

    Using primary and secondary keywords, page titles, meta descriptions, and original evergreen content will help drive people to your website. Short, descriptive URLs (utilizing your keywords) will also help your pages rank.

    We’ve got several different SEO plans depending on your needs. Feel free to reach out or schedule an appointment to talk about our SEO plans.

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