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Link building techniques for your SEO strategy

Image Credit: Tecmark

Link building is an essential part of SEO since it improves your site’s ranking in search engines. Google uses link building (backlinks) as one of the signals in ranking algorithms. Typically the more quality links your site has, the higher you rank.

It is therefore crucial to incorporate link building into your SEO strategy if you want to succeed in gaining better results in search. Over the years, marketers have come up with various ways of building authority links to your website. Some of these include:

1. Ask for backlinks

If you’re new to link building, the best way to start is to ask for backlinks from your clients that have a blog post or website. 

However, the backlinks you ask for should be from a site that is relevant to your industry. For instance, if you are in sports, your backlinks should be from sites that deal with sports apparel, training, and yoga.

2. Give a testimonial

Giving testimonials and reviews is an effective way to get authoritative links from credible websites. When you say a few words about using the products or services of another site, they return the favor by giving you a backlink.

Testimonials have a much higher approval rate than the standard link request e-mails, making them more appropriate for quick link building. Additionally, it builds trust between your brand and the other sites you provide with testimonials.

3. Start a blog

The only way to ensure other sites will link to yours is by blogging regularly and including high-quality content. Your blog should not only focus on your client’s needs but also on industry trends and significant concerns.

With time, your site will gain authority because of well-structured, relevant, and useful content.

DG Studio is a digital marketing agency that can help increase website conversions and traffic through good link building. Our team of experts are well conversant with SEO strategies and link building and will provide you with the right tools and tips to ensure you receive genuine backlinks.

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