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    How to Choose a Domain Name That’s SEO-Friendly

    People understand that names have power. History tells us that whole branches of magic even circled around the notion of utilizing ‘true names’ to control people. 

    Poetry and verse have pondered the power of names, the scent of roses, and the correlation betwixt the two. This type of association is important to remember when learning how to choose a domain name.

    A good domain name is easy to remember, catchy, and easily identify your business. Of course, not every combination of letters is available in the current Internet landscape.

    Read on to acquire the necessary know-how about this vital business practice. 

    How to Choose a Domain Name

    Everything you do on the Internet centers around optics. Professionalism and authority come from consistency. 

    These drives should inform your digital marketing and website design

    Catchy Has a Cost

    A name that carries a lot of appeal makes it easy to capture consumer attention. Many of the most popular websites established terms that became synonymous with the service, not the other way around.

    The region known as the Amazon has nothing to do with shipping purchasing but “I’ll just Amazon it” is a common phrase for buying something now. “I use an Apple” is a way of saying you have a computer, despite the fact it is gibberish.

    A catchy domain name works best if you have the oomph to force it into everyday speech. Otherwise, you want something memorable but associated with your industry and products.

    No Spelling Errors

    Avoid choosing a domain name with an easily misspelled word. Not only will this fail to drive visitors to your site, but it can also quickly damage your reputation as misspelled words are used by scammers and spammers to capture unsuspecting users.

    Simpler alternatives to words also help. If you create confectionaries, you probably stick with ‘bakery’ in marketing because not everyone will identify with the larger, more precise word.

    Focus on Branding

    The domain name doesn’t have to be the same as your brand but it helps when they are similar, if not identical.

    Consider the shorthand that your business uses internally. This is frequently a way to spot how much of your full name gets used and needed to identify you versus competition. 

    Aim for Distinct

    With so many companies developing and posting websites, many of the names you might come up with have been used. Adding small alterations like the abbreviation of a state or city won’t make your name distinct enough to avoid confusion.

    Avoid homonyms that lead to misspellings and confusion. 

    Keep it Simple

    The best domains are a single word, but becoming scarce. If you go with two or more words, remember that dashes, dots, and other punctuation can be used but quickly lead to confusion. 

    It’s best to avoid them and use words that don’t result in repeated letters. 

    Domain Names and SEO

    When choosing a brand new domain, think about what your product or service is and how that could relate to your domain name. Gone are the days where you could rank for a term just by having it in your domain name, but it’s still relative today in that users searching for a keyword related to your product, seeing that keyword in your domain, typically results in a higher click through rates.

    For example, if you are selling a consulting service and went with a domain like “douglasconsulting.com”, you’d be more likely to have potential customers searching for “consulting” click on that result in SERPs than if you’d just go with “douglas.com”.

    Pick a Domain Name that Shines

    When it comes to how to choose a domain name, simpler is better all around. It’s the Internet, clean and distinct help you stand out against the background noise.

    Cutting through the static to make you shine is what we do. Contact us today to see how we can transform your online presence. 

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