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    Benefits of Local SEO for Small Businesses

    Local SEO is a marketing technique that focuses on optimizing websites and online directory listings to improve their ranking on local search results. The aim is to make sure that when people search for terms like “doctors near me” or “lawyers in [city name],” your website appears on the top of the search results. 

    Local SEO is crucial for businesses that target local customers. A study published in Forbes revealed that 95% of people use their smartphones to conduct a local search, 61% out of that make a purchase, while 59% visit the business. 

    Below are some benefits of local SEO for small businesses:

    High Conversion Rate

    Local SEO allows you to market your products or services to local customers who are ready to take action. Studies have shown that businesses that use local SEO for marketing their products/services have a higher conversion rate. This is because they provide products/services that are relevant to location based searches. 

    Better User Experience for Local Customers

    Local SEO helps enhance the user experience (UX) on your website. When a user is searching for a service which is based locally and they find your site being near their location, their experience as a user is exactly as expected.

    Major search engines, like Google, favor websites that are set up correctly to allow location based search.

    Effectively Level the Playing Field

    One advantage that large corporate businesses have over small businesses is financial power. Unlike other forms of marketing that tend to favor larger companies, local SEO creates a level playing field. A search engine like Google does not favor big brands, what matters is how useful your website is to users when they search for a location based service/product. 

    For example, if you own a small beauty shop and you are competing with other large beauty companies, local SEO will help your website to appear on top of local search results. Thus enabling your business to compete and even possibly capture a market share of other companies.

    So, do you want to increase your website’s visibility in local search results? If yes, then give us a call (213) 884 4353 or send us an email at info@dgstudio.com. Our experienced SEO experts will optimize your website to boost its ranking in local results.

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