DG Studio


At Wϋndercare, they understand the vast amounts of energy it takes to operate a child care center. It can be exhausting! At the end of the day, the last thing you need is more paperwork. They see you. They support you. Learn more about them and why they ‘did the thing’ and built a childcare […]

Mars Flag

Mars Flag provides web services based on search technology to some of Japan’s leading companies and the Japanese government. In order to ensure that customers are satisfied, they are working with a strong awareness of the need for stable operation with cutting-edge functionality, high-quality services, and appropriate cost.

New Paradigm Shift

Laura works with small businesses that have a big mission. They work together to establish a business framework that can support your business today and propel you forward as you change people’s lives through the technology, products and services you bring to the table. Connect with her today to start the journey to success.

Kingdom Application Ministries

This company is run by veterans who have served their country; Men and women who truly fear the LORD and have great integrity. Unlike politicians, our goal is to help the debtor be free from the bondage of the student loan. This will allow the middle-income community to begin to increase again like the wealthier […]