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    6 Essential PPC Strategies for Your Company

    Google reports that people who invest in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising gain two dollars for every one dollar spent on average. This is great, but did you know you can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) by following a few of these PPC strategies. Learning the benefits of PPC campaigns is important for upping your ad revenue!

    Learning how to do effective PPC campaigns can be a slow process. It can also be a difficult process, but PPC benefits are well worth the effort. Now, read on to learn six essential PPC strategies for your company!

    1. Use Multiple Platforms

    When companies launch a PPC campaign, they usually stick with Google. While that’s a solid way to get your ads out there, they aren’t the only game in town! Facebook and Twitter are also excellent places to launch your campaign.

    2. Try Retargeting

    Retargeting is where your PPC campaign targets people who have already been to your website. People will rarely convert on the first visit to your site, so a retargeting PPC campaign can remind people of your site and draw them back. Bringing people back to your site like this ups your conversion rate by forty percent!

    3. Go Mobile Friendly

    When your PPC campaign brings in the views, you want a good landing page. Your landing page needs to be both relevant to your campaign as well as fast and functional. When they see your page you want them to see what you want them to see.

    The best way to do that is to design a mobile-friendly web page. A well-designed one will be as functional when viewed on a traditional browser. A solid PPC strategy deserves a solid landing page!

    4. Use a Realistic Budget

    Setting a realistic ad budget for your PPC campaign is as important as the PPC strategy itself. If you don’t spend enough money, your ads won’t create the impact you deserve. Research the average costs in your industry for pay-per-click campaigns and go from there.

    5. Have Good Ad Copy

    Having compelling ad copy can catch a good number of eyes for your PPC campaign. Good ad copy hooks potential leads and reels them into your landing page with the goal of converting them into loyal customers. Even if they don’t convert that first visit, your brand now lives in their minds for the next time they see your ads!

    6. Learn To Love Responsive Ads

    Google Ads has a new technology to use with your PPC strategies. Responsive display and search ads use machine learning to display different combinations for your PPC campaigns to see which ones gain the most traction. You can send different headlines and copy or images over for Google to display.

    Solid PPC Strategies For You

    Solid PPC strategies can be tricky to iron out, but there are many options to leverage for your PPC campaign. From retargeting to complementary strategies such as a good landing page, you can bump your ROI up considerably. An ad is only as good as the strategy that backs it up!Enjoy this article? Then don’t forget to stop by the DG Studio blog for more informative articles to inform your PPC strategies!

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