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    Why you should use keyword insertion in your ad copy

    There are many different ways to create conversions and clicks from your paid search ads. However, it would be best if you strived to make your advertisements as relevant as possible to your consumers. Having well-written copy and great discounts matter, but they are only useful when your ads are relevant to what your target audience is searching for.

    For example, if you have a furniture store with many different lines of furniture, you may want to run ads applicable to each line. You could use keyword insertion in your ads to tailor your ad message to each furniture line using what is called dynamic keyword insertion.

    What is dynamic keyword insertion?

    This is a tool that allows you to customize keywords in the ad copy that your target audience sees, depending on what they search for. This way, all your consumers are taken to the same landing page, but they see different ad copy depending on their search.

    Dynamic Keyword Insertion or DKI is a great way to customize your ads to fit the needs of your consumers. For instance, if you sell different kitchen appliances like juicers, blenders, and electric tea kettles, you can use keyword insertion to add the product name to your ad content.

    Take a look at the example below:

    “Great discounts on small kitchen appliances! Save 20% on kitchen appliances.”

    You could make “small kitchen appliances” your dynamic copy in that users who search for “blenders sale” see the following ad:

    “Great discounts on blenders! Save 20% on kitchen appliances.”

    Benefits of dynamic keyword insertion:

    Google has a headline limitation of 25 characters, making it difficult for brands with long-names and product types to write compelling copy. Luckily, with DKI, you can exceed this character limit and write ad copy that suits your business.

    Additionally, keyword insertion saves a lot of time and resources for businesses that have extensive inventories and variations of items. This is because, instead of creating ad copy for each product, they create only one that adapts according to a customer’s search.

    Need help with your ads management?

    DG Studio is a content marketing company that can help you with dynamic keyword insertion. Our goal is to ensure your ads reach your target audience and create conversions. Contact us today to learn more about keyword insertion.

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