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    What is UX Design and Why Is It So Important?

    Great design can make a massive impact on the number of customers who engage with your website. However, if your website is all style and no substance, your potential customers may be clicking away from your site moments later. 

    While a pretty website is nice, it won’t help your online business grow without good UX. UX design is the key to having a website that looks good and converts. 

    But what is UX design, and why does it matter? Good question. Read on to learn more about UX and how it can help your business thrive. 

    What is UX Design? 

    Understanding your customers’ needs is the first rule of marketing. Once you know what your customer needs, the next step is to ensure those needs are met in every stage of working with you.

    A customer visits your website to learn more about your business, choose which service is right for them, buy products, and more. No matter what you use your website for, making sure that it’s easy to use is vital. 

    UX stands for user experience. When you design with UX in mind, you’re creating a website that responds to your customers’ needs as efficiently as possible. 

    Good UX design makes interacting with your website enjoyable. Creating a website with intuitive navigation, engaging content, and clear calls to action are all part of a positive user experience.

    While UX design is frequently referencing websites, it also applies to marketing collateral, mobile apps, online forms, and even physical product design. A UX designer researches user behavior to continually iterate and provide an experience that users expect. That may mean UX team members are testing web pages, issuing surveys, and empathizing with your customer to improve SEO rankings, PPC campaigns, branding, and more. 

    Why is UX Important for Small Businesses? 

    As a small business, you develop close relationships with your customers. Ensuring that your customer feels understood, seen, and cared for makes UX design for small businesses a must. 

    Competing with big brands is easier when small brands focus on their strengths. One of those strengths is having closer proximity and intimacy with your target audience. Even just by living and working in the same area, you have a better idea of what your clients look for in a product or service. 

    With a better understanding of your customer personas, you can define a user experience that incorporates multiple aspects of your business. For example, you may look at your analytics data and see that people are bouncing from your website after only viewing one page. That may lead you to focus on speeding up your site for better SEO performance or creating a landing page that aligns with PPC campaigns. 

    There are many ways UX strategies can help your business save money without major changes. Working with a marketing team that prioritizes UX can help you deliver an experience that turns leads to customers!

    Designing With the User in Mind

    Creating marketing campaigns and a website that meet your client where they are is the best way to attract new clients. However, lots of small business owners have no clue where to start.

    If you’re still wondering, “what is UX design?” for your business, that’s okay! We’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today to get a free UX Design consultation.

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