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    DG Studio is excited to share with the world the knowledge it has gained over the years of professional work in the digital marketing space. We offer this information free of charge to all those wanting to make an impact online with their brand. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.


    What is SEO?

    SEO is an essential tool to increase the number of searches on a particular website. Therefore it also allows potentializing clients. As mentioned before, its use simplifies the decision-making process of the buyer. Likewise, it also reduces transaction’s time for both the buyers and the producers (companies offering a product or service) which translates into lowering of costs for both. Not to mention the short term and long term benefits that SEO provides them. Such as the buyer or client fulfilling his/her personalized needs after a brief search online because SEO serves as a guide by providing online visibility of the product or service that the buyer is searching for; resulting as a short-term benefit.

    By meeting the client’s needs,  SEO is also building the trust of the client, that is, building a long-term relationship of mutual interest between the client and the company; that is how the long-term benefit is accomplished. Therefore, it can be said that SEO is the core of a successful marketing campaign.

    Online marketing companies offer SEO as an essential online marketing service. DG Studio is a multi-disciplinary agency; it provides services such as Branding, Development/upgrading online presence, and Marketing. It specializes in helping businesses upgrade their digital presence globally. The Search Engine chosen by DG Studio is Google, which is considered one of the top global search engines, which also counts with many unique features such as Google Custom Search, a box added to a website to help people find what they need. SEO is a considerable extent part of the Development/upgrading online presence and Marketing of a business. Beyond increasing online presence and optimizing the online traffic on a business website, by using this tool DG Studio is also targeting the right and ideal audience. Furthermore, it reaches the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), that is, converting an increasing percentage of website visitors into customers. This is done to a large extent because the agency develops a unique identity for a business website that differentiates it from others because it understands its clients’ personality and goals. To achieve campaign objectives, it is highly advisable for a business to hire professionals who can develop an SEO campaign. DG Studio does exactly that; the agency works in developing an efficient SEO campaign that adapts to the business’s marketing plan. This helps the business focus on the short and long-term marketing strategies, constantly improving them via SEO’s planned approach of successfully attracting more clients, potentialize possible clients, converting more contacts and building an online presence by igniting visibility. The result being: meeting the client’s personalized needs efficiently. After all, that is the goal of the Digital Age we live in.

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