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    What is a Website User Journey?

    You might be asking yourself, what is a “User Journey” in relation to a website. The idea of going on a ‘journey’ probably sounds a little daunting. 

    The “journey” we are talking about in web design is the path which a user (customer) travels on while visiting your website.

    The actions a user takes on your website all involve the User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) of your website. It is important to envision the path which you would like to have visitors take once they arrive to your website.

    Websites and User Journey

    Rather than having a website where every link online leads to a generic homepage, a much better journey for your users can be to send them to specific pages and guide them along an exact route. 

    The route would begin at their arrival to the website and end with the action you want them to take, either a purchase or reaching out to contact you (in most cases). 

    Otherwise, it can be like visiting a huge retail outlet that you’ve never been to. You have a specific purchase in mind, yet your initial task is to try and find the right area of the store by wandering around for some time. 

    Signage is often confusing – or absent – and if there are no staff ready to help… you might simply decide it’s not worth the effort and leave. Exactly the same reaction is often true of a visitor to a website, looking for something specific, yet left at a generic homepage, users can simply leave to find another site.

    Continuing the journey

    Having overcome the problem just highlighted, it’s important that the visitor is then faced with a simple journey to the endpoint you wish them to reach. This might be one of a range of actions, perhaps to make an online purchase, download a guide, or to contact the business to discuss their needs. 

    Clear links are vital, an avoidance of insider jargon is helpful, and offers of immediate help (such as chatbox facilities) can soothe the experience.

    Creating custom websites is one of the many tasks our talented one-stop digital marketing agency can undertake to move your business forward. 

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