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    What Characteristics Do Buyers Look for When Purchasing a Product Online?

    The most valuable assets that customers treasure nowadays are saving money and time. Therefore, it is not rare to find that many shoppers have a natural tendency to do most of their buying online, it is highly convenient, and simplifies their lives. There are specific features that you as an e-commerce site should have that will help fulfill your buyers’ needs, remain modern and be competitive all at the same time. Here is a list of five characteristics shoppers look for when purchasing a product online:

    1. Ease of website use

    Simplicity is the key, simple design that focuses on the shopper’s user experience will do the job by allowing them to find the product or service quickly. It is essential to provide reviews and easily accessible information for your users to aid in the decision-making process.

    2. High-Resolution Photos & Video

    The customer wants to be able to view high-resolution product shots with multiple vantage points – the ability to zoom in gives your users a more accurate feel for it. Having images with a rapid load time is also very helpful. And when it comes to shopping online, you don’t want to overwhelm your shoppers with additional text – having just the right balance between images and text is the successful action.

    3. Responsive Website

    Shoppers want an adaptable website that allows them easy access to your online store from any device (cell phone, tablet, computer). Did you know that 1 out of every 3 online purchases are completed on a smartphone? This is the reason a good responsive design will fulfill the needs of your online customers.

    4. A webpage with general user reviews

    Don’t worry if you have a couple of negative reviews as it can give credibility to your business as long as you acknowledge and respond appropriately. In some cases having a couple of negative reviews instead of only positive may benefit your company since some users may view your site as more authentic by having a variety of reviews.

    5. Special offers

    Ongoing promotions motivate shoppers to buy more of your product or service and spend more time searching on your site. Sales have the characteristic of creating a sense of urgency for the customers, which not only generate more sales but also improve SEO.

    Having these five characteristics in your e-commerce website will help fulfill your buyers’ needs while keeping your business modern and competitive all at the same time.

    If you need help building a website that includes all of these characteristics reach out for a free website consultation today!

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