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    Website characteristics that could lead your business to success

    Websites today fulfill many more functions than they did when websites first started being used for content marketing. It’s no longer enough to just dump content on your website. 

    To be helpful, you must create presentations that your clients can trust. Include your contact information and clear CTAs (calls to action), as well as consumer reviews.

    Here are a few essentials that make a website successful for business:

    1. The website should be easy to navigate and simple to read

    • Your website architecture should be well-laid out, such that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for in a few clicks. 
    • It should showcase high-end development, load quickly, and function without interruptions. 
    • Your menu should be simple and straight-forward. 
    • Web users expect a simple, efficient, and pleasant navigational experience.

    2. Contact information should be clearly displayed

    It is frustrating when you are browsing through a website, and you have a hard time finding the company’s contact information. Contact information, such as a phone number, email address, and fax number, should be easy to find. 

    A prominent display of the contacts will help customers reach out, without having to go through multiple web pages to find the information.

    3. The website should have informative and high-quality content

    If you have ever visited a website that had confusing content filled with grammatical and punctuation errors, the chances are that you didn’t spend much time there or buy their products. 

    Your business website should have relevant information such as the products or services offered, the location of the business, and operating hours.

    The content should be informative and accurate, so that visitors can spend time learning about the products and end up making a purchase or contacting yours for services.

    4. The website must be responsive on smartphones

    According to a report by Google, more than 50% of the public use phones as their primary internet-use device. According to another report by SearchEngineLand, nine out of ten internet searches done on phones lead to action. This shows that websites that are well responsive on phones reach a larger target market.

    Having a website that is attractive and functions well is the best way to push your website and business for long term success.

    Need An Awesome Website?

    DG Studio has created many websites for all sorts of industries. We’d be happy to help you make your website dream a reality. Reach out to us through the form on our home page for any questions or assistance you need.

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