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    The Undeniable Importance of Branding, Explained

    There are over 125 million registered businesses worldwide today. That is not even counting smaller resale “brands” like those on eBay and Amazon. 

    That’s a lot of competition.

    The importance of branding is relevant today due to the crowded noise in any industry. Branding enables you to stand out from the competition and develop a unique bond with your audience. 

    Your brand identity is a culmination of many factors, including your logo, advertising, social values, and customer service. Even the tone in which you address customers is part of your brand. Below we’ll explain what branding is and the importance of having a solid brand.

    What Is Branding?

    Branding is a very comprehensive term. Some people dedicate their entire careers to the instruction of brand strategy. For simplicity’s sake, branding is the who, what, and why of your company. 

    You should be able to strip your company down to a few emotional words that summarize these three elements. Your brand strategy is what continues to communicate these few words via imagery, actions, and initiatives.

    Tips For Building A Successful Brand Identity

    A brand identity is fluid, recognizable, and consistent. A brand’s core DNA shouldn’t change much from conception. However, the brand strategy can change frequently to adapt to brand growth and shifting markets.

    A successful brand will be consistent throughout its branding. This means there should be no contradictions, and consumers should be able to recognize your work without even seeing your logo.

    Connect Emotionally

    A good brand will connect with the consumer on an emotional level. People should feel special and inspired after engaging with your company. 

    Take Risks

    You never know what will resonate with customers. Everything from product packaging design to events can be a risk. A company must be comfortable taking risks narrating its brand story.

    Consistent With Company Mission

    Your branding needs to be consistent with your company values. Amazon is a great example.

    Amazon was originally founded as a bookstore. Founder, Jeff Bezos, knew from the beginning he wanted to be an “everything” store. He made it clear to his customers and employees, that was the goal and slowly expanded to truly provide everything.

    Be Recognizable

    Brand recognition is the main factor to concentrate on when learning how to build a brand. If you get a package at your door and know who it is from without even opening it, that is recognition. If you notice a shoe’s brand without even reading the label, that is recognition.

    If you see an ad and know the company behind it before they reveal themselves, that is recognition. Recognition is so powerful because it validates the uniqueness of your brand.

    The Importance of Branding

    In this article, we explained the importance of branding for your consumer and differentiation. Successful branding will also help your team know exactly how to handle situations. Decision-making should align with brand strategy.

    Your brand should permeate your company. Do you feel like your branding isn’t right? Contact us today to get started on your rebranding strategy. 

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