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    The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Pay-per-click advertising or PPC is a marketing model that allows businesses to place ads on a variety of platforms and pay for placement and interactions (customer clicks). 

    Businesses primarily use these methods to drive targeted marketing and increase advertising efficiency. This makes sense considering on average, for every dollar spent on Google Adwords, businesses have been reported to generate two dollars of revenue.

    How it Works

    The mechanics of PPC marketing are fairly straightforward, centering around ad auctions. 

    A maximum value is set for how much one is willing to pay per click. This bid is entered into an auction alongside other organizations looking to run campaigns with the same keywords.

    An organization will choose their platform and the type of ads they are looking to run. They then design their ads and select the keywords they are looking to utilize for their campaign.

    It is wise when starting a campaign to devise a strategy before simply jumping in hoping to have the winning bid.

    Why Utilize Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    How exactly does PPC advertising work for a business though? You understand how it functions but what about how it is going to benefit you in a real way. 

    Easily Monitored and Results Trackable

    All PPC platforms allow you to track each aspect of the marketing process. That means that you can track conversion rates, sales, new leads, and any other defined values you need to.

    You can get very specific, allowing you to look at the performance of specific ad types and specific keywords. Having this knowledge can even further maximize your marketing strategy output.

    Direct and Targeted Marketing

    With the immense control you have over keywords used you can be very precise with the consumer base you are targeting. There is even the capability to target specific device usage in addition to keywords.

    Having the ability to use customer insight can reduce advertising spending and increase your return on investment greatly.

    Full Control of Ad Schedules

    You are only paying for as much as you use and only pay when you are running ads. There is no running fee or usage requirements. If there are times that marketing efforts need to ramp up you can scale and vice versa. 

    The structure of your ad efforts is completely in your hands. This flexibility is a major aspect that separates PPC from other internet marketing.

    Flexible Formats

    As they say, “there’s more than one way to cook an egg”, PPC advertising has a wide range of ad formats that make adapting to your business and the campaigns themselves as simple as possible.

    You can incorporate;

    • Search Ads
    • Shopping Ads
    • Display Ads
    • Video Ads
    • Social Ads

    This allows for the best solution to whatever marketing concern you have while still using, essentially, the same process.

    Quick Turnarounds

    As long as everything is configured properly and you place the proper bid, results are nearly instant. PPC entries begin seeing results within a few hours, the fastest of almost any internet marketing option.

    Marketing Strategy Made Right

    Pay-per-click advertising continues to prove its strength in the marketing world. Don’t hesitate to adopt the practice, your marketing budget will thank you! And if the process appears daunting there are always experts to help.

    Reach out for a free paid ads management consultation today.

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