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    The Most Common Types of Websites Explained: A Simple Guide

    In many cases, when a person thinks of a website, he or she thinks of a single type of entity.

    But in truth, websites come in a variety of different forms. Are you curious as to what the different types of websites look like?

    Keep reading because we’re going to cover the most common website types below! 


    One of the most common types of websites is the blog. A blog is a website that provides information surrounding a niche topic. For instance, it might provide in-depth info on camping in Ohio. 

    Blogs are article-driven websites. The more articles they have published on them, the more engagement they see. Often times, blog owners will monetize their blogs through the use of ads and affiliate links. 

    Business Website

    These days, if they want to make it, businesses have to be online. As such, the business website is extremely common. 

    The point of a business website is to provide a business with an online presence. It serves almost as the business’ digital storefront, providing consumers with a spot where they can go to get questions answered and to learn more about products or services. 

    Though business websites need to be updated regularly, they don’t require as much content as a website that is solely a blog.

    E-Commerce Website

    Online retail is essentially taking over the world at this point, and its active avenue is the E-commerce website. E-commerce websites are literal online marketplaces. They not only advertise available products but allow consumers to buy said products on the spot. 

    The most obvious example of an E-commerce site would be Amazon. But there are much smaller options out there as well. 

    Online Portfolio

    Similar to, but a little different from the business website is the online portfolio. Online portfolios allow individuals to showcase their work, whether that work is in writing, or art, or photography, or modeling, or otherwise. 

    Typically very simple in nature, their main objective is to expose their subjects to interested parties. They’re almost like resumes, you could say. 

    Media Website

    The last website we’ll discuss is the media website. This is a website that contains videos or images for the sole sake of facilitating those videos or images. They include websites like YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Pixabay, and the like. 

    Note, media websites require much larger servers than do most other sites. This is due to the extravagant amount of data needed to upload and stream images and video. 

    Which Types of Websites Suit You Best?

    In truth, this blog post covers only a few types of websites. In actuality, there are hundreds of different types that you can create.

    Not sure which types of websites suit you best? We here at DG Studio are the people to see. We provide top-notch web development services, helping businesses and individuals to build a strong online presence. 

    Contact us now to discuss your needs!

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