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The Importance of Branding


Venture Capitalist Mark Suster advises start-up companies,

“If you don’t define your personal brand, the market will.”

“I have long advised startup companies that if you don’t control your message, somebody else will, and your potential customers will form impressions of you shaped by somebody else or by nobody at all.”

“It’s why it’s important to establish a brand, know what your key messages are and communicate them often and simply.”

Understandably, branding can be time-consuming while hastily building your empire, but strategizing your brand essence and unique position with a robust brand platform is a must!

Cultivating the proper perceptions of your branding with compelling and sustaining differentiation along with emotional connections – will give you the ability to control your markets worldview of you, and communicating that message truthfully, clearly and carefully will link consumers to your values, stance, and a sustaining customer relationship.

In this time-constraint business ecosystem, we’d want to achieve our dreams at a faster pace than our competitors. Not only does brand strategizing have to be agile and responsive, but it also needs to provide the best methods for creating the right amount of balance of structure and flexibilitly.

Eric Ries, a consultant and writer for startups, conceptualized this definition, “Minimum Viable Product” which is defined as a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. MVP has three essential characteristics:

➟ It has enough value that people are willing to use it or buy it initially.
➟ It demonstrates enough future benefits to retain early adopters.
➟ It provides a feedback loop to guide future development.

A creative agency that can craft your online identity with a responsive and brand-tailored website will instantly differentiate you from the competitors and resonate with key users. Each page of the website should captivate brand representation with eye candy visual designs, and content marketing strategies while combining a clear user flow that is smooth and effortless to the user-experience. To distinguish the brand further and with flexible marketing growth, incorporating content management systems and interactive elements and motion graphics can also better communicate your brand’s positioning while engaging your target audience.

Executing a brand relative to current and evolving trends regarding logo, language, sound/music, scent, taste, physical interface, color, font, tagline, shape, symbol, and patterns are indispensable.

Actively seeking out a particular target group and segmenting the market with a focused strategy, geo-centric strategy, optimization strategy, localization strategy also helps with resource allocation and projects powerful signals to your clientele.

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