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I first used another website developer out of Boston four years ago, and while the site looked OK it wasn’t converting.  Then I ran into marketers at a booth while attending a conference in San Diego, and they really impressed me with their follow up.  They weren’t too pushy and I sensed their commitment and confidence in helping me upgrade my website.  It was a complex journey and they covered every detail I wanted to see changed.  The site is beautiful, and lets viewers easily see what I am about as an expert in my field – ready, willing, and able to help those in need of my quality information on how teach themselves or their kids to swim starting at home without a pool.  They are a great team; detail oriented, and great listeners so they can suggest ways to accomplish what I wanted efficiently.  Sort of like how I teach swimming to help save more lives.  Their marketing team suggested ways using my extensive video content to improve my social media presence I never thought of doing so I can get higher on the Internet search pages and be found.  Fantastic!  I highly recommend this very affordable team to improve your ROI.