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“I was seated at my desk this morning and happened to glance
at the souvenir for the Rangabhisheka 2017 cultural show.

I have been involved in designing and arranging many souvenirs
for the SLAASC and other organizations. I have also seen the hard
work of many of our Sri Lankan organizations and Colleges who
put out souvenirs for their functions.

I do realize that it takes a lot of time and effort to put these
souvenirs together.

I feel I must CONGRATULATE the Sri Lanka Foundation and
your graphic department DG Studio for their production of
this Souvenir. I feel it is the best, by any standards, that I
have ever seen. It is a MASTERPIECE! Obvioously they went
through a lot in making it perfect. Every ad has meaning and
stands out. You have set a standard for other organizations,
who will find it extremely difficult to meet with.

Thanks also to those involved in putting together the ad for
“Good News From Jayam”. It was excellent and I have
received a good response from the ad.

Keep up the good work. My compliments to DG Studios.

Best regards”.