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Case Studies
KA Forensic

KA Forensic continues the legacy of Kinsel Accountancy Corporation. They are internationally recognized experts in forensic accounting, litigation support, risk consulting, investigative accounting, and claims tracking under the direction of our senior partner, Jim Kinsel, CPA, CFF, CFE.

Learn to Swim Program

Dr. Pete Andersen is a leading authority and expert in swimming instruction and drowning prevention. All content is based on never out-of-date physics and psychology of learning principles. You can learn his unique system of easy-to-master one-minute steps and proven methods and cues so you can teach yourself or your children to swim in only a few hours.

Certainly Better Daze

CBD strives to provide Certainly Better Daze to those looking for a safe and effective nature-based alternative. They look to lessen the gap in the treatment of health issues plaguing our society. Everyone deserves Certainly Better Daze.

American International School of Medicine

The American International School of Medicine began in 1999 and has graduated over 350 medical doctors whom are now in specialty clinical, training, and or practicing medicine in the USA, Guyanna, UK, Pakistan, Trinidad & Tobago, and other countries worldwide.

Sri Lanka Day

Sri Lankans often refer to themselves as “Lions or The Lion Nation.” Every year the foundation works diligently to bring the sights, tastes, colors and general feel of Sri Lanka to spectators who gather in one location from all over California. It is an annual celebration and tribute to the culture and heritage of the Sri Lankan people.


Anarkalli tells her story as an actress, brand ambassador, politician, artist, TV host, writer, and style icon. Her mother, a fashion designer, and father, a location manager and film producer whom worked in over 50 Hollywood movies, were both impactful directors in her life.

CV Parking Service

CV Parking has been providing service for all types of venues big and small.

Los Angeles Medical Center Cosmetic Surgery

Patients come to LAMC with many different concerns about their appearance. LAMC’s expert staff address these cosmetic issues with a variety of specialized treatments.

Dr. Jay Clinic

Dr. Jay’s clinic specializes in multiple services of feminine care.

Nicali Sports Medicine & Associates

Nicali offices specialize in the management and care of musculoskeletal injuries associated with sports and traumatic injuries.

One Advanced Education

At One Advanced Education, students are assessed, allowing the creation of programs for each student to master their core foundation, whilst teaching the student how to learn, how to overcome barriers in learning, and how to apply and use what is learned.

Sri Lanka Foundation

Sri Lanka Foundation is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization with its head office in Los Angeles, California. The main focus of Sri Lanka Foundation is to promote Sri Lankan culture in the United States and globally.


The Lake on Wilshire (The LOW) will be an inclusive, multi-cultural urban development that will transform a block of Wilshire Boulevard in the Los Angeles Westlake/MacArthur Park neighborhood.

Walter J Company

Walter J Company is a strategic consulting and managerial company that oversees various types of businesses.

Primanti Montessori

Primanti Montessori is a private school in California. They offer Daycare for infants and toddlers and also classes that range from Preschool to Middle school.
The redesigning of this project is under construction.


Arrow Montessori is a private school in California. They offer Daycare for infants and toddlers and also classes that range from Preschool to Middle school.
The redesigning of this project is under construction.


Walter J Building Management is a property management company committed to providing unsurpassed hands-on responsiveness and management services to their tenants with a focus on going green.


Neat Cup specializes in a healthier alternative for women’s menstrual cycle.