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Is your company website “pretty”?

With the virtual world continuously growing at an increasing rate, one cannot help but judge what it is they are looking for. I don’t mean the product or service, but the website itself. Take for instance you come across a website that hasn’t been updated for over 5 years—that’s over 10 years ago in tech years. The primary colors remain black and gray with a hint of a rainbow shadow. What would be your first impression? Personally, I would consider the website a fraud, not trustworthy and careless for presenting their so-called website to the public. I would then move on to a secondary website that may offer the same product or service at a higher price, but the lasting first impression of their modernized website would make me feel welcomed and comfortable, driving me to make business with them. This is true because the “prettier” company cared about the presentation of their product/service, taking the time to manage their online presence. This theory can be present on a personal level as well. Take online dating. The growth for this new “bar scene” has increased at a rapid rate. Let’s be honest. What individuals who participate in such a website look for are the pictures. Upon making full judgment of the pic, they will then move on to reading the rest of the profile. That may have been a farfetched example, but you get the point.

Making that first impression is essential now a day, especially in the online world. With so much competition out there, it is best to showcase the best your company has to offer. What is the best way to make that first impression to a first time visitor? Having an amazing website prepared! Having an attractive, easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye website can make or break a potential clients’ decision to make business with you. Maintaining a “pretty” online presence will increase your business ventures, increase your customer return rate, and make you extra happy! Think about it. Are you proud of your current company website status? Would you make business with your own company based on what your online services/presentation offer? If you answered yes, then great! Keep up the good work. But if you answered no… what are you waiting for? Potential clients are being stolen from right under you! We, hypothetically (somewhat literal), live in a virtual world. Update your website! If you don’t have a company website, then get one produced! Having an online presence will increase business, credibility, and in some ways facilitate your overall workload.

Online Marketing?

Enhancing your website is essential, but so is online marketing. Ok, so you finally took my advice to go out and get a “pretty” website up and running. Great. Your newfound website is ready for use, but no one knows its there. How do you get noticed online? There are probably hundreds if not thousands of other companies offering similar product or services, competing for that same customer. Having a great SEO campaign will determine the strength of your website. Over time, if the marketing campaign execution succeeds, your website will be the number one search result!

This blogs’ purpose is to inform you of the importance a proper online presence obtains. Take my advice, focus on your online marketing ventures once you obtain a proper website makeover. I want to take my business to a “pretty”, trusting website, not one who got lost in prehistoric times, left in the gray-land of solitude. Update and modernize your company website, or get left behind.