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    Learn The Basics of PPC

    A study found that Pay Per Click ads brought around 50% more leads compared to organic traffic. It goes to show the effectiveness of PPC, which has driven many businesses to use this marketing strategy.

    However, if you are unfamiliar with how PPC ads work, here’s a guide that can help you learn about how it can benefit your business. This PPC guide offers insightful strategies you can employ in your business that will ultimately boost traffic and conversions on your website. 

    What Is PPC? 

    PPC is different from SEO because when you run a PPC campaign, you are paying for placement and subsequent visits when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website. 

    SEO is often thought of as free marketing because you are using search engine friendly methods to bring in traffic with the right keywords instead of paying for visits. 

    With PPC, you are more in control of your audience seeing your ad as you are paying for your ads to show while they are browsing the internet. 

    Figure Out Your Goals

    Early on, it’s very important to identify your goals. 

    If your business is trying to generate more brand awareness, you might consider campaigns that boost traffic to your website. You can show people what your business is and how you can help them. 

    If your goal is to generate sales, you should consider lead generation. This is when you can create a landing page for your PPC advertising and convert visitors into leads on that page. 

    Other goals might involve a sales promotion, which can take the visitor to a discount landing page where they can access a coupon. 

    Overall, it’s important to identify your goals early on, so you create the most effective strategy in reaching these goals.

    Campaign Type

    This is when you choose the kind of PPC ads you want to display to your visitors. 

    You can choose Google search ads, Google display ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and more. Depending on your goals, you want to choose a campaign that will deliver the best results for what you’re trying to achieve.

    For instance, search ads are great for any kind of goal. If you want to generate leads, search ads can help you reach that goal because it puts the ads in front of people when they search for something on Google. 

    Display ads are usually placed on websites, not in searches. However, this campaign type can be effective if your target market is on the websites that you are placing your display ads on. 

    The Right Keywords

    Similar to SEO, you will also need to do your keyword research. You will need to choose keywords that aren’t too competitive to rank. 

    You will also need to choose keywords that have a high search ranking. 

    If you need help finding the right keywords and creating a PPC campaign, take a look at our Internet Marketing service page and see how we help businesses. 

    Why You Should Master PPC

    This PPC guide is designed to give you the basics if you are considering running PPC for your website. As you learned already, you can do a lot with PPC depending on what your goal is. 

    Now it’s your turn to create an ad and drive traffic or leads to your website. If you have more questions about PPC, get a free PPC consultation today.

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