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    Know the Difference: Web Design vs. Web Development

    For any business to succeed, it needs to compete in the modern market. However, almost all business is done online now, and so it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have — you need a website. To get one, you need to know whether to invest in web design vs web development.

    They are not the same — one is about organizing information and the other is about organizing servers. Investing in the wrong one can cost your business more than just money. Keep reading below to learn more about which service to invest in, and how it can help your business!

    Web Design vs Web Development: Know the Difference

    There are several differences between web design and web development, but they’re both important. They work together to build an excellent website that attracts audiences and impresses users.

    Web designers are skilled in design and have studied more than just technology. They know how to organize information so that users can access it easily while impressing them with your brand. A good web designer will make a website that people want to go to and explore.

    Web developers, on the other hand, work behind the scenes on your website. They create the actual infrastructure of web pages that make your website able to exist in the first place. People hire them if they don’t want to depend on third parties for their website and want to host it themselves.

    Web Designers Aren’t as Technical as Web Developers

    If you’re looking to make a website for your business, you probably want to hire a web designer. Although they do not build the actual infrastructure of websites, most of the time you don’t need it. There are third party options available for business owners who don’t want to think about the technical details of web development.

    Instead, it’s better to invest in the actual organization of your business’s information and the design of your website. You should invest in making sure that your users can access information about you, since you don’t need to worry about hosting it. And for that, you want to hire a web designer.

    Don’t Go It Alone — Hire Help

    Even if you just put out advertisements for freelancers, it’s important that you hire a web designer before building a website. Most people think they can simply use a platform to build their website, but it’s not that simple. Just because you have the tools to build a website doesn’t mean you know how to use them.

    Web designers have skills in parts of websites that most people never realize even exist. Getting those things wrong will cost your business revenue since people know when the colors on your web page are off if an animation is broken. They simply won’t want to use it.

    Building a Website is an Investment

    Knowing whether you should invest in web design vs web development is just the first step. After deciding on which kind of professional to hire, you need to actually create a website for your company. It’s not easy, and any good business leader would say that it’s better to do so.

    To find out more about why you need a website to succeed in business, and to start making one, just contact us!

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