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    How to Pick a Domain Name for Your Website

    With over 1.97 billion websites, it seems like the number of good domain names is shrinking. However, if you know how to pick a domain name, you won’t have to worry.

    When defining your brand, consider how you can generate domain names that stand out and that you’ll love. Keep reading for tips to help choose a good domain for your website.

    Use a Popular TLD

    First, you should compare .com vs. .org and other top-level domains (TLDs). You can also look into a name that ends in .net, but try to stick to those most common endings.

    They’re easier to remember than newer TLDs, such as .io or .blog. That will help current and potential customers find your website, and it can help people type your website correctly if they want to go straight to your site.

    Incorporate Keywords

    Another thing you can do to help generate domain names is to use keywords related to your niche or industry. Keywords can help improve your website with search engine optimization (SEO).

    If you offer photography services, you could include the word “photography” in your domain name. You can make this work for a lot of businesses, and it’s especially useful for local companies that include their city in the domain.

    Keep It Short

    When deciding how to pick a domain name, try to keep the name short. Ideally, you’d choose a name between 6 and 14 characters because longer domain names can be harder to remember.

    On the other hand, very short domain names either aren’t available or can cost thousands of dollars. Of course, you can use the name of your business or use your name for a company based on your personal brand.

    Consider the Spelling

    You should also think about how easy your domain name will be to say and spell. If you’re using your name, consider if people tend to misspell it in real life.

    If so, they’ll probably spell it wrong when they type it into a web browser. You might want to adjust your domain name so that it’s easier for people to spell.

    Similarly, it should be easy to pronounce. That way, people can tell others about your website, and you can get more traffic.

    Make It Flexible

    When you start your business, you may have a very small niche. On the one hand, that can help you select a specific domain name that reflects what you’re doing now.

    However, you might want to expand your business and offer more products or services later. In case you choose to do that, try to make your domain flexible.

    Instead of a name such as “babyportraits.com” choose “portraitphotography.com” or something similar. Then, you’d be able to take portraits of older kids and adults along with babies.

    Do You Know How to Pick a Domain Name?

    Understanding how to pick a domain name is vital for any business owner looking to get online. You should choose a popular TLD, such as .com, and keep your domain short and easy to spell.

    If your ideal name isn’t available, you can add a keyword to help mix it up. That way, you can still market your business using your new website domain. Do you need help getting your website online? Learn more about our services and how we can help.

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