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    How to Calculate Your PPC Budget for The Best Results

    Ad campaigns are the backbone of digital marketing. A successful campaign will market your business and products to potential customers and bring them to your proverbial doorstep. 

    PPC marketing is an excellent way to get your business seen. By paying to place yourself at the top of the pack, you’re that much more likely to bring in new clientele. The question is, how much should you spend to generate new business?

    When it comes to your PPC budget, there’s no such thing as too much money. There are some factors you need to take into account for your specific business to help determine your budget. Here are some of those factors:

    Identify the Best Keywords for Your Objectives

    Before you can budget PPC funds, especially for search campaigns, you need to determine the search terms potential customers are using. 

    This objective can be simple for stores selling a specific product. However, if you offer a specific service or product, it can be tricky to track this data. Niche cases like these will need to determine the best way to track the effectiveness of their marketing dollars. 

    The first thing you should do is focus on keywords with immediate purchase intent. High-intent keywords will lead to a higher conversion rate and click-through rate.

    Setting a Goal Can Help Determine Your PPC Budget

    Before you begin a marketing campaign, set a goal. 

    One goal for example, could be meeting a certain amount of profit generated by your ad campaign. 

    Locking down a benchmark you want to meet can help determine an estimated budget for your campaign.

    From there, you can work backward to figure out how much you’ll need to spend to meet that goal. To do this, you’ll need to review site analytic metrics, average order size, click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost of clicks.

    In short, once you review the revenue you generate against how much you had to pay for those clicks, you have your profit and how much you paid to reach that.

    Run a Keyword Planner Report

    Google’s Keyword Planner is a good tool that helps you refine your audience and budget. It has several helpful options, including looking for new keywords, combining keyword lists, click and cost performance forecasts, and listing search volume data and trends. 

    Each option provides a list or report that you can filter. You can filter for average monthly searches, ad impression share, and suggested bids based on the CPC other advertisers are paying based on the settings you’ve chosen. 

    A key thing to remember is that these numbers aren’t set. They are estimates that function as a PPC budget estimator.

    Your Comprehensive Digital Marketing Resource

    There’s a lot you need to account for when figuring out your PPC budget. Through the use of tools and your site analytics, you can figure out what you need to spend to generate more traffic to your website. For further help, you can turn to us at DG Studio.

    At DG Studio, we offer services to help businesses get the most out of digital marketing. We offer help with branding, marketing, web development, and more. If you want to take your business to the next level, contact us so we can help you.

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