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    Getting Friendly: 5 Reasons to Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

    Over 50 percent of all web traffic is conducted on mobile phones.

    With the increase in mobile phones, ensuring your website is responsive on mobile devices is key. Phone compatibility is increasingly important with the large jump in consumer reliance on phones. 

    Here is why you need a mobile-friendly website:

    1. Enhanced Visibility

    Visibility is important when creating a user-friendly website. A great responsive web design controls your website experience by adjusting the site to whatever device is used.

    A responsive web design controls the way your website is viewed on different gadgets. Making your site mobile-friendly will automatically adjust photos and content to fit the size and screen orientation.

    A mobile-friendly website design allows consumers to navigate your website easily. Easier navigation will lead to a well-rounded user experience.

    2. Improved User Experience

    Visibility is not the only important factor when aiming to improve user experience. A website that is compatible with mobile phones makes your site readily available to potential customers.

    When a website is designed to be used on a mobile device, the user experience is undoubtedly better. You have the ability to create content that can be easily viewed on the phone.

    Several ways to increase user experience include adding a search option, simplifying your navigation, and optimizing a website for speed.

    3. Streamlined Experience Across Devices

    Keep ahead of your competition by streamlining user experience across devices and screens. It is best to consider how your mobile site is used to create a responsive design to engage consumers.

    A streamlined experience allows your site to be consistent and engaging. Use a comprehensive approach to determine the user experience when consumers access your site. 

    Ensure your site is user friendly and keep the mobile screen in mind when creating content for your users. Creating a great, simple experience for mobile users will increase engagement and traffic on your site.

    4. Engaged Google Ranking

    Google algorithms favor mobile-friendly websites. In combination with strong SEO, mobile-friendly websites give you a top-rank on Google, allowing you to increase your company’s brand awareness.

    Mobile-friendly sites, found through Google, increase the chances that users will turn into customers. Users seek out and prefer to engage with sites that are compatible with mobile phones.

    Create a comprehensive marketing approach that uses Google algorithms to your advantage.

    5. Increased Sales

    67 percent of users say they are more likely to purchase a product or service when the company site is user friendly. Turn traffic into sales with a mobile-friendly website.

    A website that is engaging and easy to view on mobile is more likely to engage possible customers. Better user experience and responsive design are important when considering the best design for your website.

    Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website

    Creating a mobile-friendly website means taking into consideration mobile-friendly responsive web design. Increase website readability and accessibility to engage mobile users.

    Think about user preferences. Take into account fonts, colors, and other design elements. Do not forget about more technical elements as well, including website responsiveness and speed.

    For more information about building a great website, reach out for a free website consultation today!

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