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Five Things You Must Know About Your Customers


The more you know about your target consumers, the more you understand them, and the better you can serve them.
Basic data such as age, gender, occupation, family status, and location can be processed, interpreted and organized to help you generate the necessary information, and a meaningful profile that tells you who your ideal customers are. However, it is essential to learn more details about them.

The following are five things you must know about your customers to understand their needs, gain their trust and loyalty:

1. Your customers’ occupation

Are they full-time housewives?

Are your customers business managers?

Are they students?

If you know your customer’s occupation and or their industry, you can recognize some of their interests, needs and know a little more about their behavior.

Moreover, not only can you meet their needs but also it can be easier for you to tailor a message of your product or service to them.

2. Spending habits

How much do they spend?

What do they spend their money on?

What do they buy?

How do they buy? (Online vs. face to face)

How often do they buy?

What is their budget?

You must match your product’s price with your customer’s spending capabilities, e.g., it’s not a good idea to market an expensive luxury product to customers with a limited budget.

3. Their opinion about you and your competitors

What is your customers’ opinion of your competition?

What is their view of you?

When you know what they love or hate about your competition, you are most likely to be ahead of the game.

Take the time to reply to your customers’ reviews online, both positive and negative, maintain close communication with them; don’t miss the chance of really getting to know them.

If they have a good opinion about your business, they are more likely to continue being your loyal customers.

4. What their problems are?

You cannot allow yourself to make assumptions and try to define your target market’s problems; you run the risk of being incorrect. Your customer’s problems have to be defined from their point of view. When you know what they are trying to solve or accomplish, you are more likely to match their needs.

5. Their expectations for your brand

Your customers’ expectations may vary from reliability, reasonable price, quality or fast delivery. However, there is a constant among most customers expectations, and that is quality.

Your focus should be on delivering the features you promise to fulfill and always try to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Overall, one way to know your customers better is by keeping a close relationship with them; it helps develop trust, customer satisfaction and as a consequence, you will get a valuable referral and return customers.

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