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    Finding Your Brand’s Essence

    Finding your brand’s essence is a process of discovering what your business is all about, its nature, qualities, and attributes. Overall, it’s what your brand stands for and its personality. It is the first thing a person might say to describe it.

    “The Brand Essence is a two to three-word phrase capturing the ‘heart and soul’ of the brand.”

    – Derrick Daye, Brand Strategist at the Blake Project

    Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to discover your brand’s essence. 

    What is your brand’s purpose?

    Before you define your goal, you need to identify and have an understanding of your target market’s characteristics, attributes, and needs. Every brand makes a promise of what its attributes are but to be able to connect with your target audience you need a defining purpose that differentiates you from your competitors. Your brand needs to speak directly to your customers, solve problems and help them feel better through the decision making process. Hence your brand’s defining purpose will convey the values you are trying to communicate.

    Some advice we wish to share: focus on the benefits and explain the assets you provide as a business.

    What’s your story?

    Your brand’s story is made out of every element you choose: colors, logo, content, font and the staff you hire. A brand’s narrative should be inspiring, and like any story, it is essential that it contains a plot with key pivotal moments such as the introduction of the situation, conflict, and resolution. Furthermore, a captivating story can build a connection with your customers.

    “A great brand is a story that’s never completely told.”

    – Scott Bedbury, CEO of Brandstream, a global branding firm 

    What values are you trying to communicate? 

    The following two questions can help you begin defining your business’ core values and aid you in discovering what your company is already good at, what it is proud of, and known for.

    • What do you stand for? 
    • What do you believe in? 

    The values that your brand shares with people depend on how loyal they will stay to your product or service. After all, your business’ values contribute to your brand’s identity (what is said about the brand),  and reputation (what the brand truly does). In conclusion, your product or service has to create a sum of experiences for people, and an emotional bond with them to boost sales. In the end, your consumers must be confident your brand is representing their belief system.

    What makes you different and unique?

    Your product or service can form a strong brand image by communicating what differentiates it from the other brands, and taking the next steps can help you do just that.

    How would you describe your brand if your brand was a person? Consumers attribute personality traits to their brands, as a way to identify themselves with the product and make brand associations; so take advantage of this by determining what people are looking for and match it with the qualities they see in your brand.

    You need to paint a vivid picture of your brand.

    Clients remember lively details, and by explaining them, you remind them why your product quality is excellent. Ask yourself the following questions about your brand:

    • What makes you unique? 
    • How does your product or service make your client’s life easier? 

    Remember, the secret to telling your story lives in the details.

    DG Studio takes pride in helping our clients identify their brand’s essence in order to create a unique and tailor-made identity.

    Schedule an appointment today to get in touch with our Creative Product Specialist Antonio and see how we can help your business!

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