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Establishing Your Brand Identity Online


Your brand identity is not just about the aesthetic design of your logo, web design, and packaging, etc.  It is also about the way you do business; this may include your product’s qualities and attributes, customer service, and overall the benefits and assets you provide as a business. If you can develop a brand identity for your business, and send a strong message to your customers on how their life is going to improve with your product or service, then that would make it easier for people to acknowledge you. Besides remembering who you are, your customers will be more likely to come back and choose you over your competition. 

Here are three key elements that will establish your brand identity:

1. Strong Online Presence 

It is so important to have a strong online presence; it will increase the chances of people finding your products or services. You can accomplish this by having your business website, blogs, and accounts on various social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This exposure will help you reach more companies and people online. 

Identify where your audience lives to decide where your business needs to be.

2. Online Reviews

Your business credibility will spread by word of mouth, via customer reviews online; this can be done in the form of written reviews on your website. Your current customers if satisfied with your product or service will be happy to recommend your business by leaving positive comments on your site. Make it easy for your customers to get in contact with you through your website’s Contact page. Be sure to provide excellent customer service, and you will not only prevent them from leaving negative comments, but people will value your help. Good reviews will attract more customers to your business and customers will trust you because you have a good reputation. 

3. Consistency

One of the aspects of building a good reputation is being consistent in delivering quality services or products to your customers. Consistency helps you establish yourself as a brand that provides excellent customer service, and can be trusted; this way people will continue investing in your business. Being inconsistent will only take away business from you; this is the reason why it’s so relevant always to try and provide the best services/products to your customers.

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