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    Enhance Your Web Design Strategy With SEO for User Search Intent

    Despite being on the first page of the Google search results, the sixth website only has a 4.7% click-through rate. Ideally, if you want your site traffic to increase, your website needs to make one of the top three results.

    Maybe you’ve tried every SEO tip and trick in the book, but you can’t seem to get your page bumped up to the top spots. When you’re stuck, turn to user search intent to enhance your web design strategy. 

    To learn about the best way to approach this method, keep on reading. 

    What Is Search Intent? 

    Search intent refers to a search engine result page that suggests websites and information that align with what the user looked up.

    Search engines don’t want users to rephrase their keywords when the results do not suffice, nor do they want users bouncing around sites to find what they need. Your company wants to use search intent to increase the time users spend on your site, which will, in turn, boost your rankings. 

    How Do Search Intent and Web Design Intersect? 

    There are four different kinds of search intent: informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional. However, one search usually falls into multiple categories. When you type a keyword into the search engine, note what category (or categories) the results fall under. 

    Informational Searches

    Looking up questions or wanting to learn more about a topic is an informational search. As a result, Google offers snippets of information and lists related questions on its results page. 

    Informational searches can often lead to transactional searches, which is why your company must have a blog. In your posts, address all the popular questions on the topic and use the target keywords featured in user searches. The more relevant your information is, the higher your SEO rank should be. 

    If you’ve had a blog for a while, but Google Analytics shows that some posts haven’t done well, you should re-optimize the content. Analyze similar posts, noting how they’re organized and what information they’re missing, then develop a content creation strategy from there. 

    Navigational Searches 

    Navigational searches pertain to a specific site, and the search engine is simply a means to get there. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all fall into this category.

    Speaking of navigation, you want to make it as easy as possible for your viewers to get around your website. Make a navigation bar that creates separate headers for each type of search intent, including an about page for informational searches and a shop header for transactional ones.  

    Commercial vs. Transactional Searches

    A user inputs a commercial search to research a product they are interested in purchasing. These results often provide rankings of the product by brand and explain the benefits of owning it. 

    A transactional search is different from a commercial search because the user intends to purchase something. When they search for it, several options will appear at the top of their screen. 

    In your blog posts, include internal links that lead to your product or service page. If you offer many products or services, utilize subheaders to break them down into separate categories.

    Hire a Web Design Company

    If you believe that hiring a professional to work on your web design is the right path for you, consider using DG Studio.

    We are a digital marketing agency that manages and maintains your website for you, ensuring that your platform sees an influx of customers and high search engine rankings. Take your business to the next level and contact our team today.

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