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Branding vs. Marketing: 5 Key Differences No One Tells You

Around 89% of consumers are loyal to brands they perceive as sharing their values. Learning about the differences between branding vs marketing will help you understand both terms better. Brands with blogs generate 67% more leads than brands without blogs. Blogging serves both branding and marketing purposes, but how can you tell which is happening […]

All About Alt Text and Why You Should Care

In the United States alone, 26% of adults have a disability.  Increasing the accessibility in the world around us is important. This can mean installing more wheelchair ramps in businesses, incorporating closed captions on videos, and providing image descriptions on websites. Because our smartphones and computers are a major part of our daily routine, creating […]

Getting Friendly: 5 Reasons to Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

Over 50 percent of all web traffic is conducted on mobile phones. With the increase in mobile phones, ensuring your website is responsive on mobile devices is key. Phone compatibility is increasingly important with the large jump in consumer reliance on phones.  Here is why you need a mobile-friendly website: 1. Enhanced Visibility Visibility is […]

SEO 101: Crafting an Effective HTML Title Tag for Your Webpage

Great SEO digs deeper than good content, well-placed ads, and keyword optimization. It’s key to look into each aspect of your content from the back-end as well as the user experience end.  One example of a deeper tactic in SEO is the optimization of your HTML title tag. We’re going to talk about how to […]

How to Drastically Reduce Your Website’s Exit Rate

It’s possible to optimize well, attract a lot of traffic, and still have issues turning that traffic into conversions. For those who are new to digital marketing, it might seem like nothing is working and that the visitors you do get aren’t doing much for your bottom line.  A couple of things to look at […]

What is UX Design and Why Is It So Important?

Great design can make a massive impact on the number of customers who engage with your website. However, if your website is all style and no substance, your potential customers may be clicking away from your site moments later.  While a pretty website is nice, it won’t help your online business grow without good UX. […]

5 Online Marketing Strategies You Should Try Today

For the first time, digital marketing expenditure is expected to account for over half of all marketing spend. And odds are, you’re one of the thousands of businesses increasing your online marketing budget this year. Still, you need to make sure you’re spending your money in the smartest possible way. That means focusing on online […]

How to Create a Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are strategized and organized efforts intended to promote a specific product, raise awareness of a brand, or capture customer feedback. They are designed to reach consumers in a variety of ways, such as search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and others.  A great marketing campaign promotes a […]