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The Most Common Types of Websites Explained: A Simple Guide

In many cases, when a person thinks of a website, he or she thinks of a single type of entity. But in truth, websites come in a variety of different forms. Are you curious as to what the different types of websites look like? Keep reading because we’re going to cover the most common website […]

Your SEO strategy needs to incorporate voice search optimization

If you’re new to incorporating voice search optimization into your SEO strategy, you are not alone.  The way people use and search the internet is ever-evolving, and this technology is growing increasingly popular. In fact, a whopping 25% of people are more likely to use voice search than to type out their search!  Not only […]

5 Key Steps to an Outstanding Website Design for Small Businesses

Almost 80% of consumers research a business online before shopping online or visiting in person. Without an eye-catching website, you’ll fail to stand out from the crowd! Instead, your competitors will snag those consumers for themselves.  Want to build out an amazing website for your small business? With a modern, sleek website, you can boost […]

What is an SSL certificate, and why do you need one?

When browsing the web, you’ve probably noticed a small lock indication in the URL navigation bar of your browser. This indicates that a website has an SSL certificate.  When your business builds a website, it is very important that you have an SSL certificate.  Here’s how SSL certification works and why it’s so important: What […]

Website characteristics that could lead your business to success

Websites today fulfill many more functions than they did when websites first started being used for content marketing. It’s no longer enough to just dump content on your website.  To be helpful, you must create presentations that your clients can trust. Include your contact information and clear CTAs (calls to action), as well as consumer […]

The Pros & Cons of Outsourced Marketing vs In-House Marketing

Every day we hear of CEOs and company executives debating whether to outsource their marketing or handle it in house. This is a serious decision as this is a long-term investment in your company, and effective marketing controls not only your company’s image and brand, but your traffic and sales. Today we are going to […]

Five Things You Must Know About Your Customers

The more you know about your target consumers, the more you understand them, and the better you can serve them.Basic data such as age, gender, occupation, family status, and location can be processed, interpreted and organized to help you generate the necessary information, and a meaningful profile that tells you who your ideal customers are. […]

The Marketing Research Process

Marketing research is crucial since it guides you to make better decisions for your business. This research can help you to gather information about your customer’s needs and keep you informed about what your competitors are doing in your industry. Below, are five steps to follow during your Marketing Research Process: 1. Establish your research […]