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Front End Development vs Back End Development

Around the globe, there are approximately 4.45 billion internet users and 1.58 billion active websites. To grow your business, you need an exceptional website to compete in a sea of awesome websites. To be considered among “awesome” websites, it needs to have two things. It must be intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. If it is hard […]

How to Build an ADA Compliant Website

Having an ADA-compliant website can boost the success of your website! Many of the techniques that make websites more accessible for those dealing with a disability also make life easier for those who don’t deal with one. Simple access to an easy-to-use website encourages people to stay longer and engage more! Creating an ADA-compliant website […]

Website Information Architecture: 4 Things You Need to Know

Are you wondering what website information architecture (IA) is all about? It’s the practice of structuring, organizing, labeling, and presenting content to make it easy to find, understand, and use. Web users look for primary elements in a website. They want a clear presentation of what the company offers. Contact details, phone numbers, and other information should […]

How to Choose the Best Web Design Company

Nearly 38% of people will leave a poorly designed website. Another 40% get annoyed with slow websites, too. If your site is old or outdated, you might want to consult a web design company. With their experience and expertise, you can create a site that will wow customers. Not sure who to hire? Here are five tips to help […]

Web Designer vs. Web Developer: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that 71% of small businesses have a website? Many companies see the importance of having an online presence. But possessing one isn’t enough since 38% of people will avoid poorly designed websites. Hiring an expert is one way you can get an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional website that appeals to your target demographic. But how do you […]

How to Choose a Domain Name That’s SEO-Friendly

People understand that names have power. History tells us that whole branches of magic even circled around the notion of utilizing ‘true names’ to control people.  Poetry and verse have pondered the power of names, the scent of roses, and the correlation betwixt the two. This type of association is important to remember when learning […]

5 Reasons You Need Website Support Services, Especially After a Launch

Over 60% of small businesses have their own website, which makes sense because they are such an important business and marketing tool in today’s world. A website makes it easy for new and old customers to find your business and products, it’s impossible to reach as many people without one.  But running a website isn’t […]

How to Find the Best Website Hosting Services for You: A Guide

There are over 1,773,600,800 websites online today, which explains why the market for website hosting services to manage them sits at $38+ billion. Renting a quality server from a hosting provider is essential for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of your website. If you’ve chosen the wrong one and it could cause your site to become unresponsive, your potential […]