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Website Wonders: The 4 Essential Tips to Improve User Experience

In today’s world, part of owning a business is having a good website. Customers expect a good user experience, and if they find your site hard to navigate, they aren’t likely to come back.  You could have the best products, the cheapest prices, and the best service, but a bad website can wipe that all […]

5 Reasons Why Custom Web Design is the Only Option For Your Business

When you started your business website you probably found one of those sleek templates on an easy-to-use platform to use as a base, right? This is common for new business owners. There’s nothing wrong with it per se, but is it the best option? Why not opt for a custom website that’s your own? There […]

5 Tips for Choosing a Winning Domain Name for Your Website

So you have an idea for your business, but you haven’t launched your website yet. You might think that choosing a domain name will be an easy and straightforward process, but choosing the wrong name can have huge consequences. You don’t want your brand to suffer because you chose an unfortunate domain name. We’re here […]

Know the Difference: Web Design vs. Web Development

For any business to succeed, it needs to compete in the modern market. However, almost all business is done online now, and so it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have — you need a website. To get one, you need to know whether to invest in web design vs web development. They are […]

Top 3 Web Design Trends in 2020 for Your Company Website

The design of your website can be thought of as your storefront. It represents who you are as a business and shows customers what you are all about. In fact, it may be even more important than a physical storefront as research from Standford’s Web Credibility Study reveals 75 percent of consumers judge a business’s […]

All About Alt Text and Why You Should Care

In the United States alone, 26% of adults have a disability.  Increasing the accessibility in the world around us is important. This can mean installing more wheelchair ramps in businesses, incorporating closed captions on videos, and providing image descriptions on websites. Because our smartphones and computers are a major part of our daily routine, creating […]

Getting Friendly: 5 Reasons to Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

Over 50 percent of all web traffic is conducted on mobile phones. With the increase in mobile phones, ensuring your website is responsive on mobile devices is key. Phone compatibility is increasingly important with the large jump in consumer reliance on phones.  Here is why you need a mobile-friendly website: 1. Enhanced Visibility Visibility is […]

How to Drastically Reduce Your Website’s Exit Rate

It’s possible to optimize well, attract a lot of traffic, and still have issues turning that traffic into conversions. For those who are new to digital marketing, it might seem like nothing is working and that the visitors you do get aren’t doing much for your bottom line.  A couple of things to look at […]

The Phenomenal Benefits of Professional Web Development for Your Site

There are more than a billion websites out there and you may have noticed a trend in recent years that many of those websites are starting to look the same. It’s left many wondering how to stand out in the crowd. Often the answer is to invest in high quality and professional web development for […]

What is UX Design and Why Is It So Important?

Great design can make a massive impact on the number of customers who engage with your website. However, if your website is all style and no substance, your potential customers may be clicking away from your site moments later.  While a pretty website is nice, it won’t help your online business grow without good UX. […]