Five reasons why it may be time to rebrand your business

blog-featured-img DESIGN & BRANDING | 09/06/2018


The objective of rebranding is to change the public’s perception of your brand without losing your essence. Rebranding can bring high costs due to website updates, logo refresh, imagery, promotional material, slogan, advertisements and so forth; however, if done right a rebrand can create a new personality, establish your

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Discover why your potential customers are leaving your site

blog-featured-img DESIGN & BRANDING, DIGITAL MARKETING | 07/27/2018


You have created what you consider a great website with all the best details in mind: a captivating copy, perfected product images, and overall a professional web design. And thanks to your marketing strategies, you’re getting traffic to your site. So, why is it that a large number of your visitors are not converting into &hel

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Creating A Marketing Strategy

blog-featured-img DESIGN & BRANDING | 07/19/2018


Identifying and then communicating the benefits that your business offers to your target market should be the purpose of your marketing strategy. The first step is to do an honest SWOT analysis, observing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. At this point, it is recommended to conduct market research on your e

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