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The Undeniable Importance of Branding, Explained

There are over 125 million registered businesses worldwide today. That is not even counting smaller resale “brands” like those on eBay and Amazon.  That’s a lot of competition. The importance of branding is relevant today due to the crowded noise in any industry. Branding enables you to stand out from the competition and develop a […]

How to Build an Email Mailing List and Keep It Growing

Did you know that the email conversion rate is 40x more than Facebook and Twitter? Email marketing is one of the most effective channels to reach your target audience. With people checking their phones 150+ times a day, you need to take advantage of email marketing and other social channels to catch their attention. Keep reading and […]

How to Create a Brand That Stands Out From the Competition

Did you know that 82% of businesses fail due to a lack of cash flow? That is a terrifying statistic for someone attempting to invent their brand. But the thing to do here is to understand why there is a lack of money going into these businesses. You have to ask yourself what these failed […]

5 Essential Brand Awareness Tips to Grow Your Company

If you’re like most Americans, you can visualize the logos of the world’s most valuable brands at a glance. These powerful companies put millions into their branding and audience outreach, and it’s safe to say that it pays off in spades. When you’re a smaller B2B or B2C company, though, it can be hard to […]

Brand-New to Branding? The Essential Guide for Company Branding

Branding is everything. The way your current and prospective customers view your company’s brand has an enormous impact on your bottom line. Company branding is essential, to say the least. Done the wrong way, it could ruin your business. Done right, it could spur your business to new heights. Get the go-to guide for ideas, […]

Does Digital Marketing Boost Brand Awareness?

For a burgeoning business, there’s little more valuable than creating a solid brand, and building awareness around it. This is why over 70% of brand managers say building an audience more important than converting sales. Boosting brand awareness is vital for many reasons. It allows consumers to get to know your company better and it […]

Brand Storytelling 101: How to Use Narratives in Marketing

Content marketing is essential for any brand’s story. If you want to build brand awareness and trust over 75%, you need to invest in compelling content. Establishing a narrative provides consumers with consistent messaging and clarity. The more consumers understand your business, the better your ROI and lead generation. Read this guide to elevate your […]

A Guide to Writing the Perfect Company Boilerplate Text

Brand consistency can increase revenue by a third. One way to ensure your brand description stays consistent is through a properly formatted tool. Consistent messaging is critical when communicating across platforms and media. Learn how to write the perfect boilerplate text for your company’s marketing with this guide. Boost your online presence and virtual impressions […]