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Sri Lanka Foundation promotes the Sri Lankan culture globally through numerous outreach programs. Their biannual Awards Ceremony acknowledges members of their community with a prestigious award for their extraordinary accomplishments. The non-profit also hosts a yearly food and music festival called Sri Lanka Day, as well as other events where their Academy of Performing Arts dancers perform. They asked us to create a digital platform that allowed them to engage with their audience online and could be resourceful for Sri Lankans living all over the world. We worked closely with this organization to create a new brand that aimed to accomplish their goals.

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The Sri Lanka Foundation is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization formed back in 2003. The founder of the company, Walter Jayasinghe, is a proud M.D., and a renowned Sri Lankan-American physician in Los Angeles, where the H.Q. of the company is located.

Sri Lanka Foundation has a forte of promoting Sri Lankan culture in the United States and all over the world and is educating the people of the world on Sri Lanka & the achievements of its citizens.


Client Testimonial

I have been involved with the Sri Lanka Foundation for many years, since DG Studio took over designing the marketing materials and other publications it shows high quality. The SLF Website has achieved the highest recognition in our community. The staff are very courteous, professional and accommodating.

- Keshini Wijegoonerathna Director, Project Management & Public Relations

DG ID Services Using DG ID Services

We did the following:
  • Stakeholder Interviews• Stakeholder Interviews
  • Stakeholder Interviews• Competitor Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews• Brand Positioning
  • Stakeholder Interviews• Custom Logo Refresh
  • Stakeholder Interviews • Visual Identity Guideline
  • Stakeholder Interviews• Custom Typography Guidelines
  • Stakeholder Interviews• Brand Color Scheme
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DG Web Services
Using DG Web Services

We did the following:
  • • UX Research & Feature
  • • Website
    Site Map
  • • Blueprint
  • • Visual Website Design
  • • CMS Web Development
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Sri Lanka Foundation
Sri Lanka Foundation


Creating an easy-to-use user experience was essential because of the large amount of information required to be shared. Most of their users belonged to a non-technical demographic, thereby, it was our primary focus to develop a smooth UI/UX.

Sri Lanka Foundation wanted to become one of the primary sources of information & entertainment for their community. Which has now been accomplished in main due to the site as well as our social media marketing efforts mentioned further below.

The site offers resources like Sri Lankan news, events, galleries, directories, and more.

In addition, we built a user friendly Wordpress back-end to give the client the ability to update any part of their website with ease.

Sri Lanka Foundation Events

As the Sri Lanka Foundation holds several events throughout the year, they wanted a separate page for this. We then created a page covering all the information regarding an event including the ability to fill out submission forms, so users could share their preferences, comments, and experiences about any Sri Lankan event.

We custom built a system on this page that allowed guests to choose the section, seats, and number of tickets they wanted to purchase. All while automatically creating tickets with scannable codes in the background, that can then be used to verify guest admittance on the day of the event.

No stone was left unturned & our team wanted to cater to the success of their event every step of the way!

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Further Customization

Our designers further customized the website by adding:

  • • The Sri Lankan Performing Art Center, where students can now enroll for classes online.
  • • Latest News Section featuring the latest Sri Lankan news happening all across the globe.
  • • Upcoming Events Section showing Sri Lankan events and allowing users to submit their own.
  • • Back-end Approval Process allowing the Sri Lanka Foundation staff to approve and process event forms efficiently and rapidly online.
  • • Directory Listings page for Sri Lankan businesses. A convenient tool for any Sri Lankan expatriate in a new city. The directory page also includes a Sri Lankan Consulate & Embassy locator map.

The site was also made mobile friendly

Resulting in a Mobile Visitors Increase
In total now 43.49% of the users are using a mobile device.

Events and Performing Arts Center Sign Up
All online forms can now be filled in from a mobile device.

Connecting Sri Lankan’s Around The World
Ability to keep up-to-date on Sri Lankan news right from any mobile device.

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DG ID ServicesUsing DG Hype Services

We did the following:

Along with implementing SEO strategies, we created campaigns for online marketing that included social media profile creation with management and weekly email marketing. Social media was essential to its brand since it created a presence that helped increase followers and engagement. The email marketing campaigns also focused on keeping their audience updated with upcoming events & gave them quick access to needed information such as where to purchase tickets or where to park on the day of the event.

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Our team scheduled several social media campaigns & planned for throughout the year along with management of artwork which branded each of their events. We found that users enjoyed phrases we posted through our “Learn how to speak Sinhalese” campaign.

As a result, publishing original content through their social media channels lead more than 32,411 individuals to their website.


Offline Promotions

In our efforts to support the Sri Lanka Foundation with all of their online needs, we also created many different types of promotional print materials.

Promotional Materials

In our efforts to support the Sri Lanka Foundation with all of their online needs, we also created many different types of promotional print materials. From creating their business cards and letterheads, we also designed postcards, brochures, banners, and flyers. We also printed program booklets that were shared with thousands of people each year.

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Sri Lanka Foundation

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