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Nicali Sports Medicine & Associates requested us to re-design their current website. Thanks to Dr. Nino’s high-quality care and professionalism, his satisfied clientele give him positive reviews on his Yelp page. However, he didn’t know how to attract more clients to his business. We made it our goal to attract Nicali Sports Medicine’s target market more effectively, and we began by renovating their site; we also managed their online marketing by handling their social media accounts, blogs, and SEO.


DG Studio re-designed Nicali Sports Medicine's entire website which already had a good client base but needed to attract more customers to their business. Consequently, we worked to promote their online marketing to build up Nicali Sports Medicine's exposure online. Also, this client expressed a need for an appointment booking system which we created to avoid the use of his email calendar and pen and paper; simplifying the tracking process.

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Nicali Sports Medicine decided to keep their logo and asked us to represent their brand's personality by portraying a new feeling to their audience: to be the friendliest and most knowledgeable chiropractor in the Pasadena area. On that basis, we refreshed their logo by establishing a brand style guide to standardize Nicali Sports Medicine's brand color palette, typography guidelines, and feeling. The result was a brand that transmitted a consistent, well informed and friendly personality to its target audience.



We emphasized the importance of easy navigation for Nicali Sports Medicine user experience. Therefore, we created a website that lets the audience access with ease all of the essential services and critical information they need to know about a chiropractor. Moreover, to help facilitate the process of scheduling an appointment, we added many calls to action (CTA) buttons in the header and footer of Nicali Sports Medicine site. So, users can call or email Nicali Sports Medicine, follow their social media accounts, learn about who Nicali Sports Medicine is and what they offer, all in one place. Users can now obtain information promptly about the excellent services Nicali Sports Medicine provides such as testimonials and Yelp Reviews. The services section has also been updated to make it easier to educate Dr. Nino's audience about how and why his medical treatments have been a solution to so many.



We catered to Nicali Sports Medicine by making it our priority to maintain a high degree of consistency with his brand throughout other marketing channels. Hence, we took a series of steps to assure that NSM could stand out more amongst his competitors. First, we conducted a comparative website analysis, to see the position of his competitors online. Then, we developed a marketing campaign which involved the management of social media (with custom designed posts), blogs and Google Adwords campaigns. Next, we worked with our SEO experts to continually improve keyword research to enhance NSM's target audience. Additionally, thanks to Dr. Nino's friendly and knowledgeable personality, we took advantage of these traits by producing videos and using them on social media to teach his audience about his services.


Finally, we also managed Nicali Sports Medicine's online directory listings by using a platform called, which is a data management tool that synchronizes Nicali's business information across 50+ directories such as Google, Google Maps, Apple Siri, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp. We used Yext Listings to enable Dr. Nino to keep track of his business information and manage how it appears across 100+ digital services globally. Yext has been a significant platform because it has allowed consumers find accurate and complete information about Nicali Sports Medicine.



The creation of a custom back-end was necessary for this client because Nicali Sports Medicine likes to run special offers for their customers. Consequently, some features that we added were: a slider on their homepage with designed custom banners to advertise these specials. 'Our Practice' page told Nicali Sports Medicine's story and featured some of their staff and their profiles. We also built a custom plugin that allows this company to add new staff photos when they please. Scheduling became a breeze with the appointment booking system developed for Nicali's website. Clients were now able to book consultations through the website which we linked to Dr. Nino's calendar. This alerted both Dr. Nino and his staff immediately so they can follow up with clients - Dr. Nino's appointment booking system allowed him to accept consultations on the spot.


The main feature that we added was their appointment system; this permits Dr. Nino to accept appointments his clients request through the website. Additionally, in the site's backend, we programmed a plugin that linked these appointments to Dr. Nino's calendar and notified his office as they came in.



Nicali Sports Medicine has qualities that should be communicated through video and photography such as it's friendly and exceptional service, the aesthetics of their office and the fact that they are situated in a beautiful historic city called Pasadena. We conducted an on-site photo shoot to capture these details. We then created a video featuring Dr. Nino teaching his audience why his treatments work for those who suffer from various neck and back pains.





We provided Nicali Sports Medicine with SEO general services such as keyword optimization and research to increase the chances that the site will be ranked highly by the search engine. Along with our SEO strategy, we also created custom graphics for Nicali's social media and email campaigns.

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We provided Nicali Sports Medicine with SEO general services such as keyword optimization and research to increase the chances that the site will be ranked highly by search engines. Along with our SEO strategy, we also created custom graphics for Nicali's social media and email campaigns.

Our team of market-strategist developed an ingenious Adword and Social Media Marketing campaign that transformed Nicali Sports Medicine’s digital identity. Building a strong digital presence around informative content helped increase the number of referred users to their website. In result, Nicali Sports Medicine saw a 5,648.57% increase in referral traffic to their website.




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After the first seven months of implementing an SEO Strategy for Nicali Sports Medicine, we saw a 4,885.71% increase in organic traffic to their website. Nicali Sports Medicine saw their search engine results improve dramatically over a seven month period




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    Custom Icon Creation
    Custom Website Graphics
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    Back-End User Experience
    Custom Plugin Creation


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