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LAMC Cosmetic requested us to re-design their old website. The previous site’s visual elements conveyed a more plain look with a dark blue and grayish tone color scheme.We focused on re-branding LAMC Cosmetic by updating the recognized visual elements and created a new vibrant tone with a purple, pink and gold color palette. Our goal was to update its look and feel, and establish a more consistent visual language that aimed to attract their target market more efficiently.


LAMC Cosmetic offers a variety of cometic surgery services; they specialize in vaginal rejuvenation. They also provide many non-surgical services such as laser hair removal, botox, and fillers along with treatments like facials, chemical peels, and alternative medicines among others. LAMC asked us to focus on marketing many of these smaller procedures because they represent a better selling service. Therefore, we worked together with LAMC's team, and focused on their goal through our marketing strategy, to create exclusive discounts for those services and advertise them online and offline through a local newspaper.

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LAMC wanted to keep their current medical facility theme and at the same time enhance the feminine aspect that represented their brand’s personality. Accordingly, we refreshed their website and logo from a dull color scheme of dark blue, gray and silver tones to a vibrant, more feminine color palette that communicated clearly with their target audience.



LAMC had a priority to have user experience with quick access to calling them directly or requesting a consultation. It was essential for their website to be bilingual and translate between English and Spanish; this served their target market, mainly Latina women between the ages of 18-50. Therefore, we designed LAMC’s website so that the users could have a clear and straightforward interaction, at the very top of the navigation you could have easy access to change the language or call and submit a message to their office. Also, we added a drop-down menu to the request form so users could select the service they were inquiring for.

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We catered to LAMC by creating a simple to use website and by giving users easy access to the essential aspects, keeping navigation organized and straightforward. Our video production service was fundamental to the task of attracting their target market; since we added filming and video editing of previous patients, we also added written testimonials for this purpose. Their brand was advertised throughout online and offline marketing such as social media posts, email marketing, and designed and printed ads through a free local newspaper.

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We added a unique feature on their website: the users were able to download coupons of the same specials that were being advertised in the newspaper. We programmed this online feature so that the coupons would expire by a specific date. Another important aspect that we added was the content as an FAQ page.

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And finally, we built a shop and integrated two systems called Woo Commerce and Square Up to allow LAMC not only to sell their products online but also in person. Woo Commerce system counts with the following characteristics; the client can manage orders through this system as well as have the ability to track inventory, provide processing notifications to the customer, and advise when an item has been shipped. Likewise, Square Up also updates with these changes and allows clients to sell their items in a store with the Square Up cashier system along with other features.

Great team and good results! If you’re looking to start a new website from scratch or upgrade your already existing website they’re professional and
knowledgeable about their work.

- Vicky Castellanos -
LVN, Esthetician & Office Manager at LAMC Cosmsetic Surgery Center


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Our focus was to create an optimal platform, a simple and easy to use front-end UI/UX for our client's users, as well as an easy to manage back-end. We built custom plug-ins for each section of the website to allow our clients to make necessary updates on their own. This was especially important for managing online orders for their shop.


Our LAMC client had never sold their items online before; a custom-build shop was an extra feature necessary for their clients. Instead of using templates that Woo Commerce and Square Up offer, we designed a custom-build LAMC’s shop to match their website. Then we integrated with Woo Commerce and synced Woo Commerce with Square Up. Woo Commerce was the plugin we needed to use for Wordpress and Square was used to synchronize inventory so that the client was able to sell items from their shop online and in person. Square Up is also an excellent system for companies to manage payroll and other aspects a company needs - all in one place.



We created a website that adapts to any screen size with a quick webpage load time to give LAMC's users a positive experience. It was crucial to make LAMC's website responsive to allow users to schedule a consultation quickly or to make a purcharse through their online shop easily - mainly throught mobile devices.

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Referral Traffic

We designed and published social media campaigns for LAMC Cosmetic Surgery Center's target audience on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, LAMC saw a 53% increase in the number of visitors to their website from Facebook.


Our team of marketing strategists, content writers, and SEO specialists collaborated with our partnet. LAMC Cosmetic Surgery Center to create informative content that educated individuals on the procedures and treatments they specialize in. As a result, LAMC saw an increase in organic traffic by more than 3,000%. Also, with the help of the Search Engine Optimization Strategy, they saw a steady rise in the total number of monthly visitors.

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All users and organic traffic growth


Our LAMC's marketing strategy consisted of working with two free local newspapers and developed a campaign advertising special discounts for some of the most significant services LAMC offers; Laser Hair Removal, Botox & Fillers, Lip Augmentation, Vaginal Rejuvenation, and Liposuction. These ads were in Spanish to aim their primary target market: local Latina females ages 18-50. We created unique tracking phone numbers of target which newspaper was creating a greater impact. We found that one newspaper seemed to attract more of an audience and over a period of 6 months, more patients began to call our client.




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