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The Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF) tasked us to keep their audience engaged offline and online.

We made it our focus to complete their mission and vision digitally: to reach and connect their audience globally.

We worked closely with the SLF team to create a new brand that aimed to resonate with the Sri Lankan community living in different parts of the world.


The Sri Lanka Foundation organizes different types of outreach programs like their yearly Sri Lanka Day food & music festival and family events like their Family Fun Day on a Sunday. They also acknowledge accomplished members of their community through their SLF Awards Ceremony, and they give back to their local Los Angeles community through education by teaching children Sri Lankan dance and drumming classes. These classes are taught on behalf of the Sri Lanka Foundation Performing Arts Center. They still needed to complete their mission in creating an awareness of their culture to the world; they needed a platform. Now thinking digitally, their goal became to have a website that could be very resourceful for Sri Lankans living all over the globe.

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One of our first projects began with re-branding their logo. We wanted to create a compelling brand symbol that resonated with their audience. The Sri Lankan flag was what inspired our direction the most and also lead to establishing their color palette.

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Case Studies SLF Colors

Their yearly events were branded as well to convert a greater following. Each year our creatives came up with exciting and colorful new themes to attract their fans.

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Case Studie SLY 2016
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Creating an easy-to-use user experience was necessary because of the large amount of information needed to be shared and most of their users belonged to an older age group. SLF wanted to become one of the main sources of information and entertainment for their community. They offered resources such as Sri Lankan news, events, galleries, and directories which led us to create a powerful navigational menu. And we didn’t stop there.

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We catered to SLF’s needs by creating a website that included everything they wanted to manage as a team. They feature Sri Lankan news happening all around the world, they also post events and allow users to submit their own. For this, we included an approval process feature. After a Sri Lankan event has occurred, they post photo galleries for guests that attended and reach out to other organizations to feature their pictures as well. We then added a page to their directory listings for Sri Lankan businesses. A very helpful tool for a Sri Lankan expatriate in a new city which includes a map with Sri Lankan Consulate and Embassies all around the world. Their Sri Lanka Day festival has an info page that links to Their Performing Arts Center also is featured on their website, and students can enroll for classes.



Our biggest challenge was to develop a non-technical platform that was easy to operate and was all inclusive of needed features. Our front-end UI/UX was just as important as the back-end user experience. We built custom plug-ins with drag-and-drop functionality and ease of use. We also hid unnecessary features of Wordpress to cater to SLF’s needs.

Case_Studies Case_Studies Case_Studies Case_Studies


There were many extra features that we developed for SLF. Some included various ways to apply as a volunteer, submitting a nomination to win an SLF award, submitting an event, registering a food or exhibitor booth for Sri Lanka Day, enrolling for Performing Arts Center classes, bookings for weddings and other special occasions, and our most exciting project: a custom built ticket purchasing dashboard for their awards ceremony. We allowed guests to choose the section, seats, and number of tickets they wanted to purchase. We created tickets with scannable codes that verified guests on the day of the event. We wanted to cater to the success of their event every step of the way.


I have been involved with the Sri Lanka Foundation for many years, since the DG Studio took over designing the marketing materials and other publications it shows high quality. The SLF Websites has achieved the highest recognition in our community. The staff are very courteous, professional and accommodating.

- Keshini Wijigoonerathna - SLF Director of Public Relations & Programming


Our features could not have worked without making the entire website responsive. It was so important for SLF to be able to access different parts of their site on-the-go, especially during their annual events.

SLF-Responsive SLF-Responsive SLF-Responsive SLF-Responsive


Along with implementing search engine optimization strategies, we created campaigns for online marketing that included social media profile creation with management and weekly email marketing. Social media was essential to their brand because it created a presence which helped increase followers and engagement with their organization, The email marketing campaigns we created focused on keeping their audience updated and prepared for upcoming events with quick access to needed information like where to purchase tickets or where to park on the day of the event.

Social Traffic Growth

Sri Lanka Foundation’s targeted audience is mostly Facebook users. In 2016, we began to implement a social media strategy to enable them to provide information and engage with their public.

Many social media campaigns were scheduled and planned for throughout the year along with management of artwork that branded each of their events. We found that users enjoyed earning phrases we posted through our “Learn how to speak Sinhalese” campaign.

In result, publishing original content through this social media channel lead 32,411 individuals to their website. We exceeded all expectations; The Sri Lanka Foundation saw a 729.6% increase in the number of users who visited their site from 2016 to 2017.

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Our SEO team focused on giving SLF’s website a high rank in search engine results by targeting keywords which resulted in an increased flow of users visiting and learning about their organization.

Organic Traffic Growth

Organic traffic is defined as visitors coming from search engines, such as Google or Bing. We worked with our partner to curate high-quality news articles about art, education, expatriate, philanthropy, etc. By publishing relevant content, consumers searching for this drove Google to give the foundation a high rank on search engines.

After implementing a Search Engine Optimization Strategy in January of 2016, we saw our SEO efforts begin to impact the Organic Traffic in August of 2016.

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case_studies case_studies case_studies


Offline marketing was part of SLF’s strategy to attract residents to attend their yearly event, Sri Lanka Day. Our creatives worked on postcard campaigns, newspaper campaigns, and flyers before the event. During the event, program booklets, name tags for staff, t-shirts, pins, and stickers were produced.




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