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Brand Storytelling like a Pro

Brand storytelling is one of the wisest moves you can make in a digital marketing campaign as it attracts new customers and increases the credibility of your brand. Developing stories about your brand not only helps you create a persona for your company but also can boost your SEO.

A compelling brand story is one that describes your company from inception to the reason it exists and its goals for the future. You can also use your brand story to bring other brand characteristics and elements to life.

Why does brand storytelling matter?

While digital marketing has increased over the last few years, very few people actually seek out advertisements. More and more people look for ways to decrease the number of ads they see on their social media platforms and emails. This can be terrible news for any businesses who are publishing online ads.

Luckily, with brand storytelling, you can grab the attention of your audience without appearing too salesy and profit-oriented. For instance, lead with a story of how a family’s life changed after using your product or service to create a great impression with your potential customers.

Additionally, brand storytelling sells better because some people’s buying decisions are based on emotions rather than benefits and products. You may have a brand that sells high-quality products, but without a brand story, the buyer opts for one with a good emotional story.

Lastly, a good brand story sets you apart from your competitors. You may have the same products and services with another company, but your story speaks to your consumers in a different way that gets them hooked. This may be in terms of savings, simplicity, convenience, or affordability.

Be real and authentic

One common mistake that many brands make when it comes to storytelling is providing false and misleading stories. You can’t simply invent a story from nothing into something, hoping your buyers won’t see through it.

Your brand story has to reflect something real about your brand and your business. You can do this by setting the foundations of your story in the history of your preferred customers or founder. 

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