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    Brand-New to Branding? The Essential Guide for Company Branding

    Branding is everything. The way your current and prospective customers view your company’s brand has an enormous impact on your bottom line.

    Company branding is essential, to say the least. Done the wrong way, it could ruin your business. Done right, it could spur your business to new heights.

    Get the go-to guide for ideas, tips, and more by reading on.

    The Best In Company Branding

    Branding is related to everything your company does, in some way. Whether your business is small, large, B2B, or retail, it needs to maximize the power of its brand. 

    Your brand is your promise to your customer. It sets your product apart from the pack. It also tells your customers what to expect from your services and products.

    Your brand starts with your logo. Your promotional items, packaging, and website materials should all integrate your logo to communicate your brand.

    First, define your brand by answering some key questions. What’s your company’s mission? What is the look and feel you want? What do you want your brand to convey? 

    What are the features and benefits of your services or products? What qualities do you want customers to associate with your brand?

    Next up is your brand’s strategy. This is how, when, where, what, and to whom you plan on delivering and communicating your brand messages.

    You need to decide where to advertise, what distribution channels to use, and how you communicate verbally and visually.

    Your Highly Valuable Brand

    Strategic branding builds brand equity. That’s the value added to your company’s services or products that lets you charge more for your brand than unbranded, identical products.

    Think of Coca-Cola, for example, which can charge more than a generic brand because of its brand equity. Such equity’s added value often comes in the form of emotional attachment or perceived quality.

    You achieve brand equity by spreading the word about your business. Choose a logo and put it everywhere.

    Integrate your brand into the way you answer the phone, your email signature, what you or your salespeople wear on sales calls, and more. Create a tagline that concisely captures your brand’s essence.

    Develop a company voice that reflects your brand in all written communication and is used in all materials’ visual imagery. Make templates and brand standards for your marketing materials that feature the same logo placement, color scheme, feel, and look throughout.

    Stay true to your brand. You won’t keep customers and they won’t refer you if your results don’t fulfill your brand’s promises.

    A Powerful Brand

    If you don’t have cohesive company branding already, get started on it today. It’s never too late (or too soon) to build a highly marketable, powerful brand for your business.

    A brand isn’t just a logo. It’s the feeling and memories of excellence that you’ll leave in your customers. Contact us today and let our professionals build an unmatched brand for your company.

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