Creating a visual language

blog-featured-img DESIGN & BRANDING | 02/08/2018

There is an important element that your brand must have in order to create a visual language: an aesthetic logo design that communicates clearly with the target audience and gives it a memorable experience. Convey meaning and give pleasure A logo design is primarily based on the

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How Responsive Web Design Benefits your Business

blog-featured-img DEVELOPMENT | 01/19/2018

It seems as though every few months, a new technology device is out on the market. Whether it’s a new tablet, a new laptop, or larger phones, technology continues to innovate machinery forcing us, the public, to adjust. A few years ago, however, company websites failed to recei

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Optimize Your Website

blog-featured-img MARKETING | 12/19/2017

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially online marketing. The significance of obtaining and executing the proper procedures when developing an SEO campaign will make or break your websites’ reputation. There are numerous options when it comes to choosing wh

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Ideas for your Web Design

blog-featured-img DESIGN & BRANDING | 12/19/2017

We can manage the whole process from registering a domain name, designing the site to helping your customers find you through search engines such as google as well as raising your profile with social media. We listen carefully to your requirements. Effective tactics to include in

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Effective Web Design

blog-featured-img DEVELOPMENT | 12/19/2017

Why choose DG Studio? I presume the reason you clicked on this blog post was because you are considering a website upgrade for your company; or maybe, you don’t have a website at all! Well not to be biased or anything, but I will explain why DG Studio is the best option for you

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Marketing for your Brand

blog-featured-img MARKETING | 12/06/2017

Is your company website “pretty”? With the virtual world continuously growing at an increasing rate, one cannot help but judge what it is they are looking for. I don’t mean the product or service, but the website itself. Take for instance you come across a website that hasn

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