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    Are you Advertising Blind?

    Paid advertisements are everywhere, we practically live and breathe ads in our daily lives. The average person sees them every day and responds differently to each:

    1. Most we ignore.
    2. Some we chuckle at.
    3. A few make us think.
    4. Some bring out our fears.
    5. And on occasion, we see the one which compels us to act.

    Which of these advertising reactions does your company’s advert inspire? Do you even know?

    Testing Advertising

    According to Jerry W. Thomas in his article ‘Advertising Effectiveness’ on decisionanalyst.com, most companies never know how effective their paid ads are because they have no way of testing them. 

    Year after year, companies spend tens and even hundreds of thousands of advertising dollars on promotions that do nothing for their bottom line. Ads run blindly can be effective or ineffective, but they just don’t know it.

    If you could see on paper whether or not your advert was converting potential customers into buyers, would you feel good about spending those advertising dollars? Maybe, if the advert created enough sales, right? But even if it wasn’t creating sales, by having that sales report in front of you, you would be inspired to find a solution.

    Marketing agencies have this information because they test their advertising. So, how do you test? There are many methods to test the effectiveness of an ad, just as A/B testing, conversion analysis, click through analysis, etc.

    By collecting data, you can analyze which ad is more effective. You simply need to test your ads to find the best strategy.

    Advertising blind isn’t a great business plan

    How do you remove the blinders? By testing. And how do you get an accurate sales report from every advert you pay for?

    One way is to embed a code in your offer. The offer might say: “Buy today and you’ll get 30 percent off. Buy within five minutes, and you’ll also receive this fabulous bonus. Just type this code into the box below.” Or words to that effect. 

    The code shows how effective the ad is. If there are only a few sales, you’ll know the ad doesn’t work, so run the test again.

    Ultimately, if you spend money on advertising, testing is essential. Without it, you are advertising blind.

    DG Studio is a comprehensive digital agency that offers custom websites, SEO, Paid Ad Management, Email Marketing, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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