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    A Guide to Writing the Perfect Company Boilerplate Text

    Brand consistency can increase revenue by a third. One way to ensure your brand description stays consistent is through a properly formatted tool. Consistent messaging is critical when communicating across platforms and media.

    Learn how to write the perfect boilerplate text for your company’s marketing with this guide. Boost your online presence and virtual impressions with well-crafted content.

    What Makes a Company Boilerplate?

    Your boilerplate text needs to include basic elements. These components ensure your text is standardized for consistent messaging. Your boilerplate should include:

    • Date and place of company founding
    • Products and services
    • Company mission
    • Milestones, awards, and honors
    • Social media accounts
    • Contact information

    These are essential details for your company boilerplate. Make sure to prioritize brevity and relevance for quick reference. Your boilerplate is all about streamlining content marketing.

    The Extras In Your Brand Description

    For a fuller and more comprehensive boilerplate, you can include other details, too. Including these details is ultimately up to your current marketing strategy. These may be unnecessary or add a little extra to your brand description.

    • Company founders: ideal for older companies with well-known, established faces
    • Size and location: noteworthy company sizes should be shared; think 300 or more employees
    • Revenue and funding: if you’ve made a lot, share it, especially if backed by a famous client
    • Customers and users: mention this if you’ve got an impressive amount of customers 

    Consistent messaging ensures accessible information about your company. This helps present a cohesive brand story and demonstrates your credibility and professionalism. There are ways to use boilerplate to boost your marketing, too.

    Content Marketing and Boilerplate Go Together Like…

    With all the essentials and extras for a company boilerplate, it’s important to find ways to optimize it. Everything you include in your boilerplate can boost your marketing strategy. Boilerplate is just another form of content, after all.

    Writing a boilerplate is straightforward. It’s important to emphasize things specific to the core of your company. Your brand description should be brief and appealing to add clarity and power.

    Most importantly, you should optimize your text for readers and search engines. The most relevant keywords, alongside a strong CTA, elevate your content marketing. The call to action ensures people find more about your brand.

    Don’t Forget to Take a Stand

    The key ingredient to any elevator pitch is a strong position. The same goes for creating a boilerplate. You can’t have one without a positioning statement. 

    A positioning statement expresses why your company is important. The statement is no more than one sentence and showcases your company’s main accomplishment.

    Boost More Than Your Boilerplate Text With a Holistic Approach

    Your company boilerplate isn’t the only thing clients and partners see. Your content and other elements of your marketing impact your virtual presence. A holistic approach from branding to web design to ad content impacts your appearance online.

    Now you know how to write boilerplate text, you’re ready to elevate other parts of your digital presence. Work with DG Studio for a comprehensive, holistic approach to marketing. Contact us today for a strategy session or free consultation.

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