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    7 Effective PPC Strategies You Need to Know

    Digital marketing continues to grow and with more businesses investing advertising dollars into Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. As such, there is an increased need for PPC strategies. Without a PPC plan businesses can be throwing their money away.

    There are many tactics you can use to get the most money for your dollars.

    Are you looking for techniques to use when investing in PPC campaigns? Keep reading for seven effective PPC strategies you need to know for a great return on investment.

    1. PPC Strategies for Automated Bid Management

    Adding automated bid management tools in your PPC plan allows you to manage your PPC budget. The ABM uses your SEO tactics like keywords to generate bids. It saves time and is proven to be efficient and effective.

    2. Incorporate Social Media in Your PPC Plan

    Social media is a must when it comes to maximizing your advertising dollars. Social platforms like YouTube and Facebook are great for PPC campaigns. These two platforms dominate all other social platforms in terms of the number of users.

    Once you define your target audience you can build strong PPC strategies.

    3. Utilize Retargeting

    In 2020 there are still a number of businesses not utilizing the benefits of retargeting campaigns. There is no reason to let this opportunity to repurpose advertising campaigns to defined audiences.

    Google provides all the tools you need to remarket to individuals that have clicked on previous advertising campaigns. By using the data sets from those campaigns, you can create more specific campaigns to reach a specific audience.

    4. Geotargeting 

    Geotargeting is another awesome PPC strategy. It is designed for businesses targeting a certain geographical location. If you are a local business, this tactic has to be in your arsenal.

    For your PPC plan, you do not want to waste dollars on placing advertisements before consumers that are not within a certain radius of your location. 

    5. Create Device Specific Ads

    The use of mobile devices continues to trend higher. Understanding how people are using these devices will provide insight into how your digital ads should be designed to attract a mobile audience.

    Key performance indicators taken from your ad analytics are used to help you increase your clicks.

    6. Data Integrations for Target Marketing

    Regardless of the type of marketing you’re doing, analytics and insights are important. Understanding how people are interacting with your ads drives future campaigns and helps you increase your click rates. 

    7. Proper Use of Keywords

    When it comes to SEO techniques keywords are high on the food chain. Building your advertising campaigns around keywords makes the campaign more effective. This means you must be tuned in to the way your intended customer thinks and how they enter data into search engines.

    With the right keywords, your PPC campaigns will have higher engagement.

    Capitalize on Your PPC Campaigns

    Now that you better understand the need for PPC strategies, you can better allocate your digital marketing dollars. If you are looking for assistance with PPC campaign management, we’re here to help.

    Click here to connect with a member of our team.

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